3 Things Thursday

1. Spring break starts tomorrow for my kids! Today is their last day of school until Monday, March 29th. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but I think their teachers are all getting their second doses of the vaccine today after school. Since apparently the 2nd dose causes more side effects in many people, the principal decided to just start break a day early to give the teachers off tomorrow.

Grateful for vaccinated teachers AND for spring break! We are driving to Memphis, Tennessee next Wednesday for a long weekend trip. I booked a cool looking AirBnB right downtown and we’ll do some rock n’roll history stuff (Graceland, Sun Studio, etc.) and I have timed entry tickets for the National Civil Rights Museum which I am SUPER EXCITED about. (The museum is located right at the Lorraine Motel, where MLK Jr. was assassinated.)

2. Summer planning has started, too. I think everyone has their fingers crossed for a more “normal” looking summer…tentatively and cautiously optimistic…. So far, Asher is signed up for a swim camp in June (overnight at a college a few hours away). The boys each really want to go to a traditional Catholic summer camp with a friend (Ethan- June, Asher- August). They did old-fashioned summer camp two years ago up north and it seemed like an amazing experience. Hopeful they can get in (I guess it gets challenging sometimes and kids get waitlisted…) AND that Covid will allow it to happen. I know they’ll need to wear masks, have adaptations, etc. but they don’t care. They are used to it all with school anyway.

We also have the 2 week Maine/ out East trip planned for August. Other than that, nothing so far. They will continue with piano (probably virtual yet? not sure) and Asher will have swim team. I’m hoping that Ethan and his friend can do the YMCA track program they had wanted to do last summer. Otherwise, I imagine they will do workout classes at the gym and probably just a lot of biking around and HOPEFULLY friend time?? I’d like to find something “educational” for them, especially Ethan- maybe like a coding camp or class, STEM class, etc. I need to look into this. Asher has said he’d like to do art classes somehow too.

3. Leisure this week….

I picked back up watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix while running on the treadmill! The weather was cold and crummy here this week, so I didn’t feel like attempting to run outside. I had started this show over a year ago, but since I hadn’t been running/ using the treadmill, I kind of forgot about it! It’s such an old show now- it first came out in 2000 I think!! But it is so delightful. It also takes place in small town Connecticut, so the scenery is making me excited for our Vermont/NH trip. It’s just good, clean fun and the characters are so charming and cute. Perfect to zone out and forget the real, modern world and all its troubles for a bit. Plus, there are something like 7 seasons, so it just goes on and on and on…. 🙂

While waiting for Ethan to shower last night, I had Ivan pour me a rare glass of wine to accompany a little reading time in the sunroom. I rarely drink alcohol- just not really my thing- but it sounded good last night. It was very relaxing.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my hair (just HAVING hair). I don’t have the world’s naturally greatest hair at all, but I am still very grateful that I have hair. Seeing pics online of a friend going through chemo currently has put this in serious perspective. ❤

3 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday”

  1. Sorry to hear your friend is going through chemo. That is so tough. I’ve had several friends/family fight cancer and it’s a reminder how lucky I am to have my health!

    I hope your boys have a more fun and typical summer with camps and such. I was honestly so bored when I was a kid during summer. I lived in a rural area and a lot of my friends lived out in the country so I didn’t see many friends. Besides swimming lessons and something like softball, I had no other activities besides chores around the house. I am glad our boys will have more fun summers with camps and such. I went to a couple of camps but it wasn’t an every summer kind of thing.


  2. Your trip sounds amazing! Take lots of pictures! We are headed to Chicago for a few days to do Art Institute and Shedd (reservations).

    Check out Code Ninjas on Montana Ave for one day courses. Our kids love it. Summer school has a drawing class, and often, the Park & Rec does once their summer guide’s out (assuming they are having social distancing courses).


  3. Gilmore Girls is the best! I think I’ve watched the series 2-3 times and have considered watching it again recently haha.


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