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Yay weekend

Oh my goodness, I am so exhausted!!! Well, I’m feeling a little more human after sleeping for 8 1/2 hours last night (significantly more than my usual amount of sleep….).

I was just sitting here catching up and updating my planner a bit after a hectic last couple of days, and I can kind of see why I’m tired. Especially coming off of a year of such minimal activity, I apparently have turned into a hermit-like wimp who can’t handle too much anymore. Hahaha. Too many nights with not enough sleep, full work days leading into evenings with multiple activities plus also several “interruptions” in my work days this week- which just throws off my normal rhythm.

Last weekend- stayed up WAY too late Saturday (after midnight) and spent hours staring at my computer screen doing that trip planning for our August Maine trip. Early mornings both days despite the late bedtimes.

Sunday- groceries, library, errands, somewhat elaborate dinner making and clean up

Monday- full work day + intense lunchtime workout, then out all evening with kids getting birthday decorations/present shopping. Felt like a long day. Nice, good day, but felt long and full.

Tuesday- awake a bunch in the night Monday night/crappy sleep, so super tired on Tuesday. Did a 6 mile walk/run over lunch hour (longest for me in ages- probably not the smartest after a night of crappy sleep? Realizing this now…). Also, then had the plumber here for 2+ hours, had to work late/ weird day schedule wise. Also had to pick up E from soccer and drive A to swim in the evening.

Wednesday- grocery store for birthday dessert ingredients, card, misc… also spent a bunch of time in afternoon ordering and printing photos for some big photo posters the boys and I made for Ivan’s birthday (more on this later). TOO MUCH time spent staring at my screen and scrolling through Amazon photos, etc. Had to pick up prints quick at Walgreens and then rushed to get posters done before Ivan got home. Fun activity, so glad we did it!! But took time and effort. 🙂

Thursday- Ivan’s 40th birthday!! Up early to make the desserts before work…didn’t get to it Wednesday night (probably bad planning on my part, but I was just too tired Wednesday night….). Cleaned up house, etc. and then worked. Had to run out at noon to pick up balloon order! When kids home from school, we spent over an hour decorating the whole house, final details for upcoming birthday surprise!!!

Evening- Ivan’s b-day celebration!! More details to come on this, but I’ll spill the beans:

I arranged to fly his Mom in from Mexico on Thurs. afternoon! His brother went to pick her up from Chicago. We had planned a very small birthday dinner at our house with just his brother and sister only, which Ivan knew about, so he didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary when we decorated and everything.

It was still stressful to me trying to coordinate the details and make sure he didn’t somehow find out. Lots of back and forth texts with his sister, etc. to work out the timing… It was all a success though and he was totally surprised when she rang the doorbell!!

It had been over a year since he saw her last…he was so happy. ❤❤

(Her trip last summer was cancelled, obviously, as was her rescheduled trip in November 2020 due to covid…with the current improved situation, I felt okay now at this point to bring just her, alone- no other family members came along.)

I’ll share more all about the surprise and birthday fun tomorrow. It was a great, very special night celebrating him!! I’m so glad it all worked out. But, as you can see, it just was a FULL week and I’m still feeling kind of exhausted from it all today. I think part of it was the mental aspect of trying to cover all the bases and have everything ready plus the whole surprise thing.

Have a good weekend… 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the SURPRISE not getting blown somehow!! I was so nervous he’d somehow find out!!

4 thoughts on “Yay weekend”

  1. Wow! What an awesome surprise to pull off on top of everything else you did to make his day extra special. Nice work!! I can see why you are exhausted as that was a lot for one week, especially with a bad night of sleep! I am glad you let yourself sleep more than usual today! Enjoy your weekend – hopefully it’s as nice there as it is here. It will be almost 60 today!


  2. you definitely had a lot to do/worry this week, glad to hear the surprise party went well. it’s such a nice gesture to surprise him with his mom. I’d be over the moon too. 🙂


  3. You deserve some rest now! So sweet to plan all this for your hubby. I totally run myself ragged sometimes like that too and wonder why I did it afterwards, haha.


  4. Good grief. I can only imagine how exhausted you were after this week! And, you know I am right there with you being a “hermit-like wimp who can’t handle too much anymore”. HA! I think I’m worse-off than you…


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