My husband is “over the hill”! ;)

not sure the date in this pic, but at least 15 years ago!!

Hahaha! I say this jokingly, because I’ve talked with a few people lately about that silly old phrase. “Over the hill”. I remember that being a big thing when my parents turned 40- everyone celebrated 40th birthdays with black decorations and lots of references to now having crossed some invisible threshold at the top of the “hill”….now apparently heading down……?? Death, I suppose?? lol!!

I can’t say for sure, but it seems that the idea of 40= “over the hill” is not popular anymore. Or has it moved to 50? What’s the saying, 40 is the new 30? So is 50 the new 40? I don’t know. Anyway, I know that at the party store where we went to get some decorations to make our house look festive, there were NO decorations that said “over the hill” in the 40th birthday section. 🙂

But regardless of what we will call it, Ivan is 40 today! Being the much younger woman that I am (hehe), I have a couple years to go. So I will let him test the waters and let me know how it feels. I asked him as we were getting ready for bed last night, “So, 40 tomorrow! How are you feeling about it?” Ever the pragmatic, he shrugged and said, “It’s exactly the same thing…just another day….”. Okay, Eeyore…..

Clearly, he’s not one to really get too whipped over things like milestone birthdays. But nevertheless, we have a few fun surprises planned for him later today. Nothing too crazy (no huge surprise party, like my Dad threw for my mom…I still remember that!). But hopefully a few little things to brighten his day and make him feel special- AND hopefully set the birthday apart from 39 or 41. 🙂

I’m glad to have him by my side everyday. Really hoping we are still kicking and celebrating together in another 40 years when he turns 80! omg. 😳

A few favorite pics of my favorite guy:

love this one! They are so cute!
favorite travel partner

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the years we’ve had together! Grateful for my husband, a strong marriage and happy family.

4 thoughts on “My husband is “over the hill”! ;)”

  1. he’s right, it doesn’t feel much different than 35+. Cant wait to see how you celebrate it with him. i’m terrible planning birthday for husband.


  2. Happy birthday to Ivan!! I hope he had a special day. Our husbands are so similar! Ha! My husband isn’t very into birthdays or big milestones either. I do hope we are able to do a joint 40th this summer when he turns 40.

    It is so funny how ‘over the hill’ stuff isn’t a thing anymore!! I haven’t heard that phrase in the longest time!!!


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