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The enemy of time blocking

You know what I think is the worst thing for people who like (or need) to plan their time??

The service call.

When the plumber/ electrician/ cable guy/ person with tools tells you they will show up at your house “between 12-5” or, in my case yesterday, “sometime before 3, but they’ll call 20 minutes before to let you know they’re on the way.”

We have a strange issue going on with our water pipes. A plumber was out a couple weeks ago to replace a valve on our hot water heater, and ever since then, any time someone runs a shower or flushes a toilet, it makes a (loud) high pitched squealing sound from somewhere by the water meter in the basement.

The good news was that the plumber was able to get out to the house quickly after I finally called on Monday. Bad news- his mysterious arrival time totally threw off my afternoon AND the visit took way longer than I thought it would. Double bad news- it’s apparently not related to whatever they did last time, and he is now in the works of “writing up an estimate”….ugh. We just spent like $375 on the LAST visit, so I am really looking forward to seeing what they come up with this time. Hmph.

I had my day all time blocked nicely, including enough time for a longer run/walk over lunch, planning to skip my shower (to allow for the longer run) and still be done by about 5-5:30 pm. Figured the service call would just fit in there quickly and be a short, minor disruption. Well, it was more like a 2 HOUR disruption.

Good things though:

🔷It was 60 degrees out!!! I ran/ walked for just over an hour and listened to a couple great podcasts.

🔷As much as I despise things “throwing off my day”, at least my evening was pretty open. I was able to shift those 2 hours of work I missed to 7 pm- 9 pm last night. Not a super fun way to spend the evening, and I was really tired from my crappy night of sleep, but, I was grateful to have the window of time to get caught up. I feel still on track now for the rest of the week.

🔷Carpooling is key to success when kids are in activities. We have recently begun doing some carpooling again- and yesterday that was another big help. Ethan’s friend’s parents picked him up for soccer practice- saving me at least 20-30 minutes.

🔷I had Cheerios for lunch after my run. I randomly grabbed a box at the store the other day- although I don’t eat cereal often, I got a sudden craving for them! I love them with sugar and blueberries on top. Bonus- they are currently a “limited edition” with “hearts” instead of O’s.

Why yes, I did take a close up photo of my Cheerios and stage a photo of my cereal bowl with a floral arrangement behind it. Stop back tomorrow for more exciting content on!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

🔷I also still found time to throw together some sort of dinner in the few minutes I had. The kids and I were joking that I made a “school hot lunch” for dinner….lol! Spaghetti with meat sauce, frozen veggies and bagged salad with cheese on top. It really did kind of look like a lunch I would have been served on a tray in 3rd grade. Oh well. It was actually quite tasty. 😄

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that I am not, and have never been!, an addict of any kind (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, whatever).

2 thoughts on “The enemy of time blocking”

  1. glad you see your spirit is still up despite the interruption. I stopped time blocking because I am constantly interrupted by calls/emails. I figured I will do serious time blocking if I need to do creative writing or research, but otherwise just go with the flow and take breaks intuitively.
    cereal for lunch? that must be fun!


  2. Service calls with wide windows are the worst. I especially hated it when I was working in the office as I would have to take time off to wait around for a person to come. I am glad Covid showed my company people can be productive at home so I will always have the option to WFH on days when a service provider is coming by. I hope your bill isn’t too bad!!

    But yay for nice weather for running! It’s been so beautiful here, too. Yesterday was super rainy but I didn’t mind as I will take that over snow!


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