Friday 5

Friday 5- my week’s rating + quotes

Hey, Friday… welcome. 🙂 This week was kinda “meh” for me. Fine- nothing wrong, really, but my typical schedule was thrown off in one way or another most days + the frigid weather = literally trapped inside (i.e. no walks even! 😦 ). I’ve just felt a little tired/lazy/unmotivated on the whole and would give the week a ~3/5 rating. Haha.

But there was plenty of good stuff, too! I’ve had some nice conversations with the boys while driving to swim and/or rock climbing, we had some tasty family meals this week, I’ve read a little (not as much as I’d like, but at least hitting my 21 minutes per day minimum) and although I have not made it to the gym this week due to scheduling difficulties, I have squeezed in short home workouts. (A perk of the home workout option- if I can’t make it to the gym, I don’t need to SCRATCH the workout totally like I might have in the past. Something > Nothing.)

For my Friday 5, here are 5 quotes that I’ve jotted down this week. Maybe you’ll like them too! 🙂

1- “(On optimism)…I think it’s the best thing you can give your kid- thinking that no matter what, the world is good.”

2- “One day or day one. You decide.” – Paulo Coehlo

3- (Referring to the huge trees of the Pacific Northwest…)

*I really like this! Read that carefully. I wonder what a human would look like if we could see the “rings” in ourselves…what seasons were droughts, where we barely made it through, and when were we flourishing? Interesting to think about how growth looks over the long haul.

4- “Focus more on your desire than on your doubt, and the dream will take care of itself.” – Mark Twain (borrowed from Anne)

5- Not a quote, but a funny pic I bookmarked when looking for images for my post about humor yesterday!! Hehe!! It’s an Icelandic horse, apparently laughing! Life is good. 😎

Photo by Dan Cook on Unsplash

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for strong bones. Random, but part of my job involves reviewing bone mineral density scans for people who have been on Prednisone/ steroids for many years (which greatly increases risk for osteoporosis). So, I think about this a lot, and I am thankful for my currently strong, healthy bones.

3 thoughts on “Friday 5- my week’s rating + quotes”

  1. I am hating this weather so it’s bringing down my rating for the week too. It’s just so hard to be cooped up, especially with a wild toddler who does better when we can spend time outdoors.

    That tree reflection is so interesting! Some of my recent years with the most growth were the year I spent in Charlotte due to an unwanted relocation and the year we started a family. I think this will be a year of growth again as we adjust to being a family of 4!

    I have been on prednisone so much over the last several years. I hope my bone density isn’t too impacted. That’s one reason I can’t wait to get back to strength training!!


  2. I love that Mark Twain quote! Makes me think of some others that I love, too. 🙂 And that tree reflection – what a wonderful way to think about our lives. Periods of growth and periods of stability… physically, mentally, emotionally, socially.

    I think a 3/5 week is pretty darn good! You had some really bright spots in there, too. I find it fascinating how my mental ratings of each day shift throughout the week – or, sometimes, during the day! Today, for example, started as a 5 (got up and out to the gym, got in a good run), then a 1 (tire light on – thanks -10 temps!), then a 4 (service center helped me out), then a 5 (good class), etc. Overall? It’s probably been a 3.5-4 type of day. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


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