Whatever Wednesday

I have no real topic in mind to write about today, so how about a little of this and a little of that?


I feel like I used to talk about covid all the time on the blog, back in the spring. Now, I guess it’s old news. Ha.

It is exciting that it seems that here in WI things are moving in the right direction….according to the most recent “COVID update” email my hospital/employer sent yesterday, new cases here in WI are down to 543 which is the lowest number since August. Our statewide hospitalizations are also down 75% from the peak in late November.


I just finished this memoir by Debbie Phelps, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ mom.

I had added this to my “want to read” list probably at least 5 years ago and was tired of seeing it on there! The library didn’t have it so I bought a used copy on Amazon.

Ethan was a newborn during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing when Michael Phelps won his record breaking 8 gold medals, and I remember watching A LOT OF OLYMPIC COVERAGE! Haha. I would flip the TV on in the middle of the night when I was nursing him and watch events, coverage, etc. I followed Phelps’ story pretty closely back then, and of course since Asher is a swimmer now too, he’s just a figure of interest at our house.

The book was pretty good. A lot more about his mom’s history/ life story I guess and not quite as much really about what it was like to raise an Olympian! My main takeaway….I don’t think she really “did” anything special (besides being a regular, supportive parent) to “create” a successful child. (Children, really. The sisters were also national level swimmers). They did sell their house and move to another city so the kids could swim for the best swim team in the nation at a pretty young age, but for the most part it seems like Michael was really just gifted from the get go (+ a crazy determination/ work ethic of course).

I’m now listening to the audiobook of this book:

It sounded interesting, and the main theme/ concept so far seems to revolve around allowing your KIDS to control as much as they can about their own lives. Letting them learn to make choices, deal with outcomes, and believe they are capable on their own.

I don’t know. So far, it seems hard to really believe 100%. The author gives this example of a family who allows their 16 or 17 year old son, who is resisting high school, to have permission to just sign himself out of school whenever he doesn’t feel like being there. Allowing him to choose if he wants to be at school. Ummmm…….I guess I’ll need to see where this goes, because that kind of made my head explode a little bit. 🙂

He also gives examples of just saying, “It’s your call” whenever possible to your kids, not “forcing” kids to practice the piano/instruments, etc. Discussing reasons, options, consequences, etc. and then letting them choose what they will do. I’m only a little ways into it, so maybe it will make more sense eventually. So far, just seems a little…far fetched in some ways (considering kids just don’t always see the “big picture” like adults might when making all of these decisions), but the underlying concept seems solid.


Made this random pasta dish last night. I had some steak strips and broccoli to use up, but Asher wanted buttered noodles…..so, threw it all together with some garlic butter and parm cheese. Quick, easy, pretty tasty.

I also needed to use up some bananas, so those became Banana Nut Muffins.

Just polished one off with my tea now and it was yummy. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a warm house! Thank goodness for HEAT! Still freezing outside.

4 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday”

  1. Interesting reads! Wow giving your kids total control would stress me out. I’m kind of a control freak and it is hard to let go enough to let my 2 year old work on a puzzle by himself ha. I am working on it because I know I need to back off, especially as they get older. I have heard good things about “How to Raise an Adult” and “The Gift of Failure” — my kids are still young but I want to read these at some point.


    1. I’m pretty sure I read “How to Raise an Adult” a couple years ago! But I guess I’m not really applying that knowledge to my kids since I apparently can’t remember what it said…lol…


  2. agree with you that it depends on the age of kids. as they get older and have more judgements, i do believe giving them autonomy but not below 10 🙂


  3. Oof that approach to parenting seems like a big gamble. I am way too much of a control freak to do that. I have not started to read parenting books yet but have been thinking about finding some as our son is hitting a tough stage of toddlerhood with lots of BIG emotions.

    Our Covid numbers are better here, too! My MIL gets her 2nd dose in Monday. We will see her when she’s 3 weeks post 2nd dose and fully protected. She hasn’t met Will yet and missed Pablo so much so we can’t wait until we can see her in person. She has MS and is 78 so high risk so we have played it safe. My parents got their 1st dose yesterday. Can’t wait for them to be fully vaccinated as my dad is high risk due to kidney disease!


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