Weekend Break

Hi! I’m back. I took a little BREAK for a few days from everything- and I mean all of my usual “stuff”.

Asher had a swim meet in the city my parents live in, so he and I left early Saturday morning and stayed there all weekend. I ended up completely checking out from everything I normally do, and it was pretty great.

I did none of the following:

-no reading (except a few minutes here and there at the meet while waiting)

-no journaling/ blogging

-didn’t glance at my planner once

-no posting ANYTHING on social media…and I barely even took any photos!

-no exercise, either! (we have below zero temps right now, so even a walk was not an option).

Asher’s meet was the very first REAL meet that his team has attended since February 28, 2020. !!!!!!!! Insane. He was excited and I think a bit nervous to be back competing after all this time away, plus coming off many months of pretty irregular training opportunities, too. He has been in the pool a lot, but many times just on his own or with a friend doing their own little workouts. NOT the same as the intense coach-led team practices he would normally have (though those resumed a few weeks ago. But still very recent!).

He did great!! He just aged up to 11 in December so he is now competing in the 11-12 age group (i.e. tougher!). Fortunately, he improved his time on 7 out of 8 races! A nice confidence boost that he’s still got it. 😉 Hopefully the team will be able to keep practicing and will be able to get back into more regular competitions again too.

Due to Covid, the meet was NOTHING like a regular meet. It was only two teams and very limited numbers of swimmers. Plus, no spectators at all. We were supposed to all just sit in our cars, but they did end up opening the cafeteria for us (the away team) since it was below zero outside.

Social distancing was NOT a problem! Haha. People were spread out like, miles apart. lol.

I actually watched the first day of the meet on the live stream from my parents’ couch, but Asher decided he wanted me “at” the meet on Sunday so he could come out and see me in between his events…..so for Day 2 I was in the cafeteria (above) watching it on my phone.

Live stream worked…ok. Not great, not terrible.

The meet was in the morning both days and done by ~noon, so we spent a lot of time just relaxing, lounging around, watching a movie, playing several rounds of Scrabble and then we even stayed for the Superbowl last night. It was a nice mom/Asher weekend + some great 1:1 time with my parents. ❤

Now…back to reality. I took the morning off since we drove back this a.m. and then Asher had a well child check at the doctor (plus 3 shots! 😦 ). Now I should probably look at my planner and dive into work for the rest of the day! Wish me luck. 😉

Scrabble + Superbowl.
Asher is oddly obsessed with this old briefcase that used to be my Dad’s for work years ago. He brought it home and is now debating what he will store in it…. ha.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a RESET! Sometimes it’s fun to just “pause” everything. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Weekend Break”

  1. That sounds like the perfect weekend! It’s good to disconnect once in awhile and even better when you can disconnect around family! I tend to do this when I go up to my parent’s lake home!

    This cold weather is the worst! I miss our January weather!!


  2. This sounds like a wonderful weekend – and so aligned with your word, Peace! It’s wonderful that you were able to get that one-on-one time with Asher, and time with your parents. Sometimes it’s not the special trips, or the fun outings, but the quiet weekends at home that are among the best of the year.


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