Get lost

When we were at Disney’s Animal Kingdom a couple weeks ago, I saw this quote painted on a wall inside “Africa”. (By the way, Animal Kingdom is my FAVORITE Disney park. THE BEST. I especially love the Africa area.) I immediately pulled out my phone and made a note of it, because it just spoke to me.

I LOVE THIS. I know that I personally have a strong tendency to sometimes become overwhelmed with unknowns. There are times when I feel that things I know nothing about seem “too hard” or “too confusing”. “I don’t know how it works”…..”Everyone else seems to have it figured out but me…”…”I have no idea what I’m doing….”

This can lead to me either a) not trying certain new things, b) giving up before I even really start or c) probably selling myself and my potential short.

This proverb makes me envision “the unknown” in a different light. I picture someone walking through a maze, or a forest, or maybe even complicated city streets somewhere, without a map. Eventually, after each wrong turn, they start to recognize something they passed once before. Maybe it’s a twisted tree branch, or a corner shop that now looks familiar. With time, the unknown becomes known.

At some point, the lost wanderer might even become an expert. The person who knows this area best of all! Perhaps they have unearthed, uncovered and explored every last nook and cranny on their journey. “The only way out is through.”

I love it. What a fabulous proverb!! It just really stuck with me and I wanted to share. 🙂

Photo credits: Unsplash.com

I’m also just pretty fascinated with Africa. It holds this intense allure for me. A mystical, whimsical magic. A place I really can’t even imagine seeing with my own eyes! One day??? I hope so. 🙂

Have you ever been to Africa? If so, TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that my first virtual book club meeting was a success! I really didn’t know anyone (aka- it was a little out of my comfort zone). But I enjoyed it! I even talked a little and shared some of my thoughts. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Get lost”

  1. Glad your first book club went well! It’s intimidating to not know people but that means you guys will probably really discuss the book! When we started our book club, the founding members each invited people we each knew. So at first most didn’t know each other and we really discussed the books… but now we all really know each other so we can get side tracked – which is totally ok, too!

    I have not been to Africa and don’t know that I ever will. Phil is not super interested in going there so I doubt we will make it there. But I love hearing about others’ trips there!!


  2. as we age, we are more risk averse to try new things because 1) we know better what is good for us; 2) we are more afraid of failure; 3) we don’t want to waste time. 🙂 but sometimes it’s good reminder to know that we might still find something new that we like by trying it out. 🙂
    I went to Tanzania in 2011 and it was anything like I’ve seen before, such a different world. people there have real struggles, to put food on the table, buy medicine for the kids, have clean water to drink. After that trip, i got new perspective about my own life.


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