A great weekend

This was the nicest weekend!!! The first really “relaxing” weekend since the whole holiday rush + vacation + unpacking/ taking Christmas decoration down weekends.

Friday night started off with driving Asher ~30 minutes away to a swim practice, BUT it meant I had a full hour to sit in the car and read my book and drink a tea. So it wasn’t bad. He said it was a super fun practice and he seemed so excited to be back at team practices (smaller groups). Then Ivan and I went out for a mini-date night at his friend’s Mexican restaurant which is always delicious. It was a perfect evening!

Saturday was just the right mix of getting some things done in the morning, followed by a relaxing afternoon. We all worked together and got (most of) the house cleaned – (I was in charge of deep cleaning the kitchen, the boys each took a bathroom plus their bedrooms and Ivan did the living room and sunroom. We ignored the master bedroom and basement for the most part, but after just a couple hours, the house looked good.) Got our fridge cleaned out and a grocery list made too!

The temperature warmed up enough outside that Ivan and I took a pretty long midday soak in the hot tub together (it was SO SUNNY it was blinding me- but felt amazing) and I also squeezed in a 30 minute “Fight Club” workout from Morning Meltdown (like a mixed martial arts cardio workout- one of my favorites. Super fun).

My parents came later that afternoon. It was our first time seeing them since Christmas. They are still really the only people we see in closer contact these days, but hadn’t in a while since we traveled and wanted to be cautious. So, it was wonderful to see them again!! After dinner we watched a really great movie on Disney+ called Safety (a true story about a college football player who has to take in his little brother while his mom goes to jail…very heartwarming and inspirational).

Sunday was football day!! I went to buy groceries on Sunday morning and was pleased the store was surprisingly NOT BUSY at all! Yay. I sometimes dread weekend shopping trips. I bought ingredients for Ivan to make his famous nachos (perfect football food :)) The boys and Ivan reserved the soccer field over at the gym for a bit, my Dad used our treadmill and I did a LIIFT4 shoulders/HIIT workout around noon.

By 2:05 it was time for kickoff…we were of course rooting for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to win the title this year, after the amazing season they have had. Unfortunately, it was not their day. 😦 Sad….. They just didn’t really look too spectacular, compared to other games. And Tom Brady is insane…jeez. What, 43 I think and still dominating everywhere he goes! Impressive to say the least.

It was still fun to all watch the game together! Asher was in a snuggly mood for part of it. 🙂

We also tried to do our part to help the team. At one point, Ethan brought his hamster, Flint, out to the living room. Just then, the Packers intercepted the ball and had a couple good plays in a row. I decided that maybe FLINT was their lucky charm!!! I insisted that Ivan carry his cage out to the living room so he could be present for the rest of the game. 🙂 Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Good effort though, Flint!

We closed out the night with about an HOUR in the hot tub with my parents (while the kids played video games). It was a crystal clear night with a bright moon and stars, around 20 degrees out. When it’s cold out like that, it’s easy to stay in for a long time. It felt so nice to just relax and talk. I wish the weekend could extend for just one more day…. 🙂

Thought of the Day:

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a wonderful weekend.

1 thought on “A great weekend”

  1. That does sound like a great weekend! Phil cleaned our house on Saturday and Sunday. It was nice of him to do this. I want to bring our cleaners back but he wants to keep cleaning for a bit longer and doesn’t expect me to help since I am basically holding Will 14+ hours a day. Eeks. We had a nice weekend, too. It was mild enough outside to go sledding sat and sun although it was a short trip on Sunday as the fresh snow was tough to sled on so Paul played in our yard in the fresh snow. I was happy to get more snow! If it’s winter and cold, we might as well have snow!

    We watched the games, too. I hate Tom Brady so wasn’t thrilled he is going to the super bowl again. My dislike for him stems from him cheating on his pregnant girlfriend. Eye roll.


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