Snow day

The boys had the pleasure of experiencing one of childhood’s greatest joys yesterday…..the SNOW DAY!!! I think anyone who lives in a cold weather/snowy climate will agree- there are few things more exciting than waking up to the news that SCHOOL IS CANCELLED!!!

I have vivid memories of waking up as a child in my dark bedroom on a snowy, winter morning and racing out to the living room to check the scrolling banner on the bottom of the local morning news on TV to see if my school district was listed. 🙂

We got a bunch of snow overnight on Monday- not even sure how much, but it had to have been at least 6 inches. When I peaked outside at 6 am, I could see the roads had NOT been plowed yet and snow was still blowing and coming down at a quick rate, so I knew they would be calling school off.

My “work from home day” was not called off. Hahaha! Ivan had to go to work, too, so he was out early snowblowing the driveway. I spent about an hour in the back clearing off our deck/ patio area. We got a LOT of snow!! It was very pretty. No photos as my phone was inside.

The kids rejoiced in the ability to play video games on a Tuesday morning instead of sitting at school! They did get outside for a while too, and I also put them on one of the most annoying winter tasks: clearing the mounds of snow from the end of the driveway after the plow comes through! Everybody hates that. 😉

Asher decided to get a home workout in (Ethan claimed he shoveled for “way longer” than Asher did, so he didn’t need to…eye roll…).

He created a little weights + cardio circuit for himself!

After virtual band + piano lessons, I promised the boys I would take them sledding!! We didn’t get to the hill until 5:30 pm, and it was mostly cleared out and also dark. I just didn’t really have time to take them during the day, but they were excited for the added thrill of sledding in the dark. They met Asher’s good friend there and I practically had to drag them all off the hill an hour later. Good times!!! Great memories. ❤

Sledding hill view. It’s so funny how the snow reflection actually makes it seem not so dark!

Unfortunately for them, the roads are cleared and it’s back to school today. I’m not a fan of excessive snow days (not that we can control how much it snows!), but it’s definitely fun to get at least 1 or 2 per season. 🙂

Side note: my calendar had a GREAT quote this morning. Kind of a little lighbulb moment…. I mean, yes! This is what it’s really all about. “How much of a problem do we make our problems??”

Double side note: If you are a Feedly or Bloglovin’ user, I *think* the issues with my blog updating in those feed readers might FINALLY be fixed!!! I finally hired some help to troubleshoot some issues and it seems like at least Feedly has finally recognized my new posts. Check it out if you use those platforms! Keep me posted if you notice any further issues- I’d appreciate it!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the boys experiencing the thrill of a snow day, time to read with them last night and for the delicious tlacoyos that my sister-in-law made for us yesterday for dinner! Having a batch waiting when I got home was such a treat.

5 thoughts on “Snow day”

  1. yes, the bloglovin is showing up your posts finally!
    i love the quote of the day, so true!
    my girls would love to have a snowday too, unfortunately no snow for us until we move to a cold place. i miss cold too.


  2. I can see your posts in Feedly! ALL of your posts came through in ONE fell SWOOP! That was fun to wade through! Sad I missed so many posts though!

    Glad to see you’re back! ❤


    1. Ohhh bummer!!! I know, I was SO FRUSTRATED bc I couldn’t figure out why my posts weren’t pushing to Feedly (since like November!). I finally hired someone and fingers crossed it stays fixed….. glad to see you here again too!! ☺️☺️


  3. I have been meaning to tell you that your posts are showing in Feedly. Glad you got that fixed!! Yay!

    I also loved snow days as a child. We had quite a few as I lived in ND and we got a ton of snow – often more than Minnesota. I loved those days when my mom would come down and say it was a snow day or a 2 hour delay so I could sleep longer (well when I was a teen!).

    We have done a ton of sledding this winter as there are hills close to our house. Phil rides on the sled with Paul and I take videos/pictures as I have Will in the carrier. It has made me enjoy winter more than I usually do!


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