No school day + misc.

The boys didn’t have school yesterday. It was the end of the 2nd quarter, so, I guess that means no school for a teacher work day. After all of the time they have been OUT of school, I will admit I feel a little annoyed when I see the no school days on my calendar. 🙂 I know they can’t really just change the pre-planned schedule, and many of the days off serve a specific purpose…but it still kind of feels like, “Come on!! They just HAD off!!” Oh well. The kids of course never complain about a free day off.

I did not have the day off, but I did decide to head to the gym for a morning leg day workout. I decided that whenever possible, I will walk to the gym. We only live about 2 blocks from our gym, which is awesome. It was a bright, sunny day out the window, so I grabbed my coat and my gym backpack. I decided to glance at the thermostat to see if I needed a hat. 7 degrees!! Yikes. I contemplated just driving, but then thought, Nope. A good Wisconsin girl can handle a short walk in 7 degree weather. So I bundled up and off I went. 🙂

I normally kind of giggle when I see people walking down the street wearing a mask (we live in a NOT CROWDED neighborhood, so there is absolutely no need to wear a mask outside if you go for a walk around here. You probably don’t get within 100 feet of anyone, ever.) But yesterday, I was that person! The masks are awesome for keeping your face warm. I sometimes leave it on in the car after I’ve run an errand, until the car warms up too. Who knew. Maybe this will be a permanent addition to my winter gear, even after the pandemic (hopefully) ends some day. Haha.

The plus side of frigid temps: brilliant blue skies! Look at that..not a cloud anywhere.

The leg day at the gym felt GOOD but also way TOUGHER than I remembered. I need to find a different mask, I think. My usual fleece Badgers mask seriously felt like it was suffocating me. It was fine the other day for shoulder day, but on leg day, your heart rate really gets up there. I was huffing and puffing and a few times thought, OMG I NEED AIR!! I’m going to try a different one and see if it feels better.

My body is already screaming at me this morning. I can tell this is going to be a “wince when you go down the stairs or sit down” kind of day. Those leg muscles are so crabby. They do NOT like to get woken back up after a hiatus. Dang. Oh well. I know from experience that after just a few sessions, I will rarely be sore anymore. Just takes a little adjustment.

I’m excited for a pretty open day today. I really want to clean the kitchen. I also want to finish my book (in advance of 1st book club on Monday). The boys need to clean the bathrooms and their rooms.

I’m also hoping to weed through our many book baskets and make a “2021 Family Book List”. I know there are random books that either one or both of them have not read yet (books we own- some are nonfictions that have been gifts or other misc. books). I want to make a list for each boy, plus sort out any that we might want to read together, and then put those books in a special place and work our way down the list! There shouldn’t be too many, but I know there are some.

Have a great Saturday!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that Asher was able to meet up with a couple of his best friends to go bowling yesterday!! Finally- some social interaction outside the house. He was sooooo happy.

2 thoughts on “No school day + misc.”

  1. 7 degrees!!!!! woooo… i don’t think i’d want to walk with that temperature, although I’ve run through it. hehe… great to see that you’re getting the habit to go to the gym. I am not gym person as I find working out (yoga, pilates, running) are more for my mind than my body, and doing gym seems more for my body. that’s just me, if you enjoy it, that’s amazing, I agree that it’s probably the higher return in term of workout/results.


  2. That is awesome that your gym is 2 blocks away. Now I would belong to a gym if I had one that close! I had a membership to core power yoga for awhile when I lived downtown in Minneapolis because it was 3 blocks away so it was easy to go often enough to make it worth the expensive membership! Our gyms are such a long drive for me unfortunately.

    Can’t wait to hear what you end up reading in 2021! Fun idea to come up with a family reading list. I look forward to a time when our boys read longer books. But in the meantime I am enjoying reading picture books with Pablo. I’m totally burned out on the board books!


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