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Normal life & fresh slate

Ahhh I say this every time, but after any time away I really do love getting back into my normal routines. I’m such a weird mix….I LOVE traveling so much but I also LOVE just being at home. 🙂

It’s January 12th today and I’m excited to finally really dive into my “new year’s” stuff. We left so soon after 1/1 that I barely bothered with any of it. I did take my new planner/ journal to Florida and updated my daily pages, wrote a little bit about what we did, etc. each day. After playing around with it for most of December, I now feel really settled into my new planner and am loving it. I especially love using the Daily pages for tracking/journaling and I think I have a really nice system down now.

Yesterday I really made a point to nail my daily habits. It felt like yesterday was my fresh start/ clean slate for 2021 finally.

I just checked off in my habit tracker:

-read 21 minutes

-drank 2 big bottles of water

-worked out!!! First official workout in WAY too long. The few weeks leading up to Christmas were pathetic and I largely just gave up and didn’t even try.

-went for a (short) walk outside and listened to a podcast

-charted only 5 MINUTES of social media screen time yesterday. Feels so good.

-read with the kids before bed

-I also had an extremely productive work day. I used the Forest app + my AirPod Pros and just felt really dialed in. Beginner’s luck, I’m sure, coming off of a week off, but still….I’ll take it. Got SO much done!!

I want to share more about Disney, but I’m low on time this morning and also have about 5,498 photos, which makes it hard to quickly sort through to share any. Here are a few I like though:

Waiting for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom!
Family shot! Waiting for Flight of Passage in World of Pandora inside Animal Kingdom.
The amazing Tree of Life, also at Animal Kingdom
The boys with Expedition Everest in the background- their all time favorite ride at Animal Kingdom
The incredible (and apparently $1 billion endeavor…whoa) Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios. UNREAL.
The “big golf ball!” as the boys used to call it. 🙂 EPCOT.

Stay tuned for more specifics about our trip, Disney in general and COVID thoughts!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the comfort of routines. To me, they are very soothing.

3 thoughts on “Normal life & fresh slate”

  1. We are the same way about travel. Enjoy it while we are traveling but so ready to get back to routines and home-cooked food at the end! I get so burned out on eating out which is why we always stay at AIRBNBs when traveling! But I am still so ready to get back to my kitchen at the end!

    You’ll have to share pics of how you are using your planner – if you are comfortable doing that! I’m planning to get the W222 this fall!


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