We did it! We successfully pulled a major fast one on the boys and surprised them this past week with a very last minute trip to Disney World. They had NO IDEA it was coming. The surprise aspect was slightly anti-climactic, only because they were so confused that they weren’t really able to react in a very excited manner! Ha.

We told them that Ivan’s Uncle from out of state was flying in (not true) and that we needed to pick him up at the airport. They fully believed that, because why not? Sounded reasonable enough. This gave us a good reason to have to be up and out the door at a certain time (since, you know, his flight was arriving!). We had packed everything the day before and put it in the car after they went to bed. I said I was “cleaning out my closet” as an excuse for why I had clothing strewed all over my bed and they never doubted it for a second. (Kept suitcases in the basement storage room and took things down in a laundry basket. 🙂 )

When we got to the airport parking ramp, I told them that before we went in, I needed them to open a little duffel bag I had along at my feet because there was something in there they would be needing. They opened it and pulled out their Mickey Ear/ Goofy hats we bought on a previous Disney trip. They looked at me mostly like, “Why on earth would we wear these into the airport to meet Dad’s Uncle??” After a couple of rather confused moments, including Ethan running to look in the trunk for bags, they finally understood that we were going to Disney World. TODAY.

Then they were all smiles and basically couldn’t believe their good fortune. At one point after we arrived to Orlando, I heard Asher say, “Somebody pinch me, because this has to be a dream!!” 🙂

Now, it’s back to reality. I feel like I was caught up in a huge whirlwind and I don’t even know what day it is. I feel like it was just Christmas Eve and now it’s suddenly January 11th! We booked the trip on Wednesday 12/30 and left on Sunday the 3rd, so planning it and then packing quick, etc. really was all a blur.

I’ll share more about what Disney was like with all the new Covid protocols in another post. (Short version- they pulled out all the stops and have done an amazing job making the parks safe to re-open.)

It’s back to work and school today for us. The boys would be returning to in person school today for the first time since before Thanksgiving, but as a precaution we are keeping them home to do virtual school this week.

Neither our school nor either of our workplaces (including the hospital I work for) require students or employees to stay home post travel anymore (since COVID-19 is already so prevalent in our community), but I just feel better erring on the side of caution.

I did discuss our travel plans with their teachers and the principal last week, and let them know I was planning to follow the current CDC “recommendation” (not requirement) to avoid most non-essential activities for 7 days post travel and get a covid test 3-5 days post-travel. The principal responded that I did NOT need to keep them home from school this week if I didn’t want to (per school policy), but that she appreciated the abundance of caution. She acknowledged that people gathering in any groups right here in town with friends or family in close, unmasked situations could likely pose a higher threat than we would post travel, since we traveled alone (just the 4 of us), practiced social distancing and wore masks at all times.

But, I just feel better being extra cautious since you just never really know!

More Disney highlights to come!! It was seriously SO MUCH FUN and we had the best time. It does feel like it was a dream!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for safe travels and a seriously wonderful vacation with my family.

6 thoughts on “Disney!!!”

  1. Another question- at what age did you first take your kids to Disney? Mine are 2 and 4 and I will probably wait until they’re a little older, but would love to hear tips!


    1. The surprise trip thing was soooo fun! Normally our vacations are very pre-planned around school, activities, etc so this was actually a really great opportunity to finally surprise them! We first went to Disney when they were I believe 6 and 8. I thought those were just perfect ages for the first trip! I personally firmly believe toddlers and Disney are a terrible combo… too expensive, too chaotic, and they won’t even remember it!!! You see so many little ones just melting down in tears there Hahaha! Unless you live super close and can just go for a day or something, I feel like early elementary is a good age for a first trip! On our first trip Asher still had trouble making it through the 9-10 pm fireworks shows, etc but overall it was fine- young enough to be totally enthralled with it all but old enough that they don’t need to be carried everywhere and can generally handle lines. 🙂 Disney can be a LOT for little people as there is mega stimulation happening everywhere you look! On our first trip we planned a long trip and did 2 days at most parks so we could really take our time and see it all, plus have some down time at the hotel etc some days and allowed us to have slower, later mornings if we wanted.


  2. what a great surprise for the boys! I can only imagine their face!!!
    back to reality isn’t easy, slow transition helps! 🙂 Looking forward to read more about the trip.


  3. Those sound like great ages – my kids right now wouldn’t be able to handle the lines and I’m sure it’s a lot of stimulation for toddlers! I think kids under 3 are free which is why some people try for that, but yeah I’d like to be past naptimes and diapers before we go.


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