Thanksgiving 2020 is in the books. I love the fall-winter holidays so much that I actually get a bit sad when they are over. It just seems the whole season flies by every year…Halloween is over, now Thanksgiving. Now we are just down to Christmas! (and New Year’s, which is nice, but not a holiday we celebrate in a big way really).

Our little Thanksgiving was wonderful. The only sad part was not being able to have Ivan’s sister’s family over, and the fact that his mom wasn’t able to come from Mexico. But all in all, our Thanksgiving wasn’t too different from a normal one. We don’t get together with a ton of extended family with dozens of people on Thanksgiving normally, so for us this was pretty similar to a typical year (minus a few people).


My Dad and I do most of the cooking, and we had decided to plan ahead and cook more in advance this year. This worked out great. By Thanksgiving morning all we really had left to make was the apple pie, the gravy and mashed potatoes. We had a pretty lazy morning, I went for a walk and then we made the pie while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Gratitude Paper Chain!

Then while the parade finished, I cut up paper strips and had everyone write 12 things they were grateful for. I’m not sure everyone in my family was as excited about doing a gratitude project as I was, but they all cooperated. 🙂

That’s a lot of stuff to be grateful for, between us
The finished product!
Hung up in the sunroom to enjoy 🙂


Ethan and I squeezed in a workout together before showering and getting ready for the evening. It took a bit to get the food served up and ready to go, and we ate around 4:30 p.m. Grandma the retired schoolteacher read the boys the story of the First Thanksgiving (which they “already know, Grandma…”) but we made them listen anyway. 😉

The boys could barely restrain themselves from digging in while we got the food situated for serving.

Dinner was perfect. It all tasted delicious!!

Grandma leading a Thanksgiving prayer
The obligatory “plate pic”

We had to hold off for a while on the dessert because, well, we were stuffed. But later after watching a Netflix Christmas movie we served up some pie.

And that’s a wrap! Kind of. Definitely planning to indulge on many leftovers today. 😋

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for yet another wonderful Thanksgiving!! I’m grateful for so many things that I’d need a paper chain from here to the moon.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. looks like a perfect thanksgiving! I know the feeling of getting all excited for the holidays and then slowly it’s slipping away too fast.
    I laughed at the pic of the guys doing the gratitude rings…. my husband will be there with them. hahha….

    isn’t interesting that thanksgiving food is so mushy and heavy? I was so surprised how quickly they filled me. 2 days later we are still eating leftovers. hahah

    happy thanksgiving!


  2. Yum! Your Thanksgiving meal looked delicious. I prepped the cheesy cauliflower dish a day before as it required roasting cauliflower and making a cheese sauce. Glad I did that ahead of time as it took some time. Then on Thanksgiving day, I roasted the turkey breast and made mashed potatoes and gravy. Our plates were very ‘beige’ but we had asparagus the day before and I didn’t feel like eating it again and didn’t have any other vegetables on hand. So I called it good enough! I’ll work harder on our christmas meal and will hopefully be flare-free for that holiday! Fingers crossed!

    Love the chain of gratefulness! Such a fun idea!


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