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Yippee, it’s only Saturday! I just had to double check the day/date because it has already felt like a pretty nice extended weekend. Still 2 days to go! I technically did work yesterday, but I only put in about a half day, which was nice. I’m currently debating if I want to work the other 4 hours today/tomorrow or just put in 4 hours of vacation time and call it good. We’ll see.

Some misc. things going on around here:

🔷Asher’s bookshelf! He has been asking for somewhere to store books and other things in his room for a long time (and had piles of them on the floor…). Yesterday I finally ordered something, Ivan picked it up and put it together and Asher arranged it. 🙂

He is excited to have a home for his beloved Disney characters (from our 1st Disney World trip) that doesn’t require him to arrange them on his bed anymore every morning!

🔷Black Friday shopping. I am not a “Black Friday” shopper- never have been, never will be. I actually do not like shopping much at all. But, Asher’s birthday is next week and we had next to nothing yet for him….so, Ivan and I snuck out last night and stopped at Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Barnes & Noble while the boys watched a movie. We had some decent luck and since it was so late (7-9 pm), the stores were empty. Eerily and sadly (but safely) empty, for the most part.

However, my MUCH-better-than-I-am wheeler and dealer bargain shopper husband managed to score an incredible deal on some awesome new bikes for the boys at Dick’s for Christmas (way above & beyond the advertised sale price). Sweet. They are going to be pumped! They badly needed new bikes anyway.

It felt sooooo good to be in a bookstore!! I wanted to spend hours.

🔷Christmas soaps! I love getting holiday soaps for every season and I think I shared my fall soaps here too. While we were at the mall, I got a buy 3/ get 3 free deal on 6.

This store/ soap shopping really sets off my decision making paralysis syndrome….I end up walking around juggling like 14 different soaps, because everywhere I turn I see one I like better!!😩 Finally I had to say to myself firmly, “Kaelyn, pick some soaps NOW and go pay for them.” 😁

Always such a festive store!!

🔷Today. This morning will probably get mostly eaten up by us draining and refilling the hot tub for the winter. We’ve never done it before so I’m sure will take us extra long to figure out all the steps, clean it out, etc etc. The weather is mild and dry today though and colder weather is coming. So today is the day.

I also have an appointment to pick up some library holds. I’m a little frustrated with how LONG it takes to get holds these days….We have to schedule a curbside pickup, but the last two times I’ve had holds to pick up, it has taken well over a week for me to be able to get an appointment! (from the time they notify me the book is ready and waiting for me at the library.) Can’t wait until the holds system can go back to normal!!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that we had some luck finding a few things for Asher! Still need a couple of items, but I was getting anxious about his birthday and my lack of preparations. I at least feel much closer to being ready now.

3 thoughts on “This and that”

  1. YEY for getting some good deals! I also don’t like shopping, definitely can’t tolerate store shopping, but I do like getting deals for things I’d buy anyway.
    I also ordered a bookcase for Sofia’s overflowing books. I might need to get one for myself too.
    enjoy the long weekend.


  2. That’s a bummer about library holds! We are lucky that we can show up anytime during hours and call the curbside pick up line. It sounds like you’ve had a great holiday week 🙂


  3. That is too bad about library holds! When our library was closed, you had to call and they would put holds in a bag for you in front of the library. But then they reopened this summer sometime, can’t remember when, for grab and go so the idea is that you are in and out VERY QUICKLY. So I usually just grab holds but have briefly browsed for books for Paul. I’ve been leaning more heavily on kindle books during the pandemic as I tend to get them quicker. They let us have physical books for 6 weeks instead of 3 and then w/ quarantining books, the wait for physical books is so much longer!!

    Way to go Ivan on the bike deals! That is going to be an exciting gift for them! I did not do any black Friday shopping, in person or online! But I had ordered a few things for Paul this fall so I think we are pretty set on him. I drove by target and the mall on the way to my pre-op covid test and the lots were pretty quiet so a lot of people must be shopping online this year. Your pick of B&N makes me yearn for the days of browsing a bookstore!


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