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More covid woes + gratitude ideas

Good morning! It’s just after 6 am and I’ve been up a while already. My family always asks me why I still get up so early on the weekends. The answer? I just really love this time of day. It’s quiet, peaceful, and… I don’t know, it’s just my favorite time!

There are actually times that I wake up around 3-4 a.m. and I think, “Aww, bummer. Not time to get up yet.” Hahaha! Who AM I?! 10 years ago that thought would have been unthinkable. I’ve heard that the key to getting up early is finding a good reason to want to get up. In my case, since I really cherish this quiet time (for me, spent journaling, planning my day and writing), I do look forward to it. If I were trying to get up early just to clean the toilets, I’d probably opt to stay in bed. 🙂


I, like the rest of the world, feel so “over” Covid, but it’s just not over us yet. Hmph. So rude. We received word the other day that the boys’ school (currently in person) is going to switch to virtual only from Thanksgiving week through January 11th (basically the big holiday season). At first I was like, “#&!&$!!!!”. School has been amazing, and I had just made the mistake of thinking how fabulous it was having them out of the house all day.

But, after thinking about it for a couple seconds, I know it makes sense. The holidays are likely going to be a disaster. Too many gatherings, parties, people. Too many people are “over it” and acting like it. So, I can understand why the principal made this choice. Looking on the bright side….this is cozy season. If there ever were a good time to snuggle in in Wisconsin, it would be December. Christmas lights, fireplaces, snow…it could be worse. We’ll be okay.

Disappointing news though, also Covid related…Ivan’s mom was supposed to come next week (a rescheduled trip from months ago). Well, things are even worse now than when she would have come over the summer. Plus, a big deciding factor…Ivan has two siblings in the area (both married/ with kids). It would be impossible to not have at least SOME intermixing of all of our families, with his Mom of course wanting to visit all of her children that live here. It just seemed like a dangerous plan and not worth the risk, so last night they cancelled her flight. 😦 Such a disappointment because she was supposed to be here from Thanksgiving all the way through the New Year holiday.

Gratitude ideas

There are lots of adorable Thanksgiving themed/ gratitude ideas floating around right now. When the boys were little my Mom made a really cute gratitude turkey with the boys a couple times on Thanksgiving (I can’t find pics of it! But similar to this one from

I saw this gratitude paper chain idea recently and thought it would be fun to do with the boys even this year. We’ve never really done the paper chain thing. Maybe we’ll start it today. Thanksgiving is just over 2 weeks away, so we can still make a pretty long chain if we start now and each write an item everyday. 🙂

Idea and image from this post at! This website has free printables for these paper strips. SO cute! Her entire website looks to be full of amazingly creative craft ideas + printables.

My sister is doing this at her house:

Simple, cute and effective! They’ll write on the leaves and stick them up there. Also genius- keeping it up HIGH so her toddler’s grabbing hands cannot interfere (aka, destroy it). 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for working late last night. I know, weird to want to work late on a Friday. But I was in the groove and in the middle of something, and it felt good to just get it done.

5 thoughts on “More covid woes + gratitude ideas”

  1. I feel ya on the early mornings. I LOVE LOVE LOVE and NEED these 1-2 hrs of solitude in complete quietness. It fuels my soul.
    sorry to hear about the return to virtual school, boys must be disappointed. But given the covid situation in the US, maybe it’s cautious to be that way. I’m sure you’ll work it out.
    I love the gratitude crafting ideas…although my girls are still not fully getting the idea of what’s being grateful. need to work more on that.


  2. Hey! A blog call out! I love it! 🙂 I think the paper chain is a great idea too. Maybe next year! I am happy that the holiday season is approaching. Even this year, with all the drama, uncertainty, and genuine hardship for so many people, there is much to be thankful for. I know that’s what your blog is all about, but it’s important for the rest of us to take some time to focus on all the good there is in our lives – and to help our kids see the world that way, too.


  3. Love these Thanksgiving ideas! We did decorate for Christmas (indoors) on Saturday but I don’t want Thanksgiving to get lost in the shuffle. I did some November/Thanksgiving books so I have been pulling out one/week and making sure to talk about being grateful. I will have to see if I can pull off one of these crafts this month.

    I’m sorry to hear about your boys’ school going remote for a chunk of time. I totally get the gut reaction of ‘UGGGGHHHH’ since it’s been going so well. A lot of our schools are going remote here, too. The case numbers are just out of control and the positivity rate is so high. I’ve heard they are having the hardest time with staffing because teachers are out due to exposure and they can’t find substitute teachers. Gosh I would not want to be a school administrator right now. I am sure they are on the receiving end of a lot of complaints. I sent a nice note to our school last week, asking if they would highlight our governor’s recommendations around holiday gathering and I told them how grateful I am for how well they are handling things. I am sure they get a ton of complaints from people so I figured they needed to have someone thank them. I need to continue to do that. I’m bracing myself for lots of closures this winter but at least I will be home on maternity leave so I won’t be juggling work and Pablo – but I will be juggling a newborn and him, so it’s not ideal… but we’ll make it work. That is also an even HUGER bummer about your MIL not being able to come. It makes sense given what is going on right now but how sad to miss out on a holiday season with her. Hopefully she can come in 2021 when things are better here. I am so curious about how you and Ivan met – I was thinking maybe you met in Mexico as I think you studied abroad there? But since he has other siblings in WI, it makes me think you maybe met in Wisconsin? I’d love to hear how you met – I love hearing those kind of stories as everyone’s is so unique. In my case, I got set up with Phil on a blind date by his coworker. He was intrigued and really wanted to meet me when she told him I was a math major. Ha! That is not very common, especially for girls, so it piqued his interest!


  4. Oh, I am so sorry about Ivan’s mom. That’s awful. I admit to thinking “If we can just get to *x* date [which changed, of course, as things got worse and not better], then we can have [a delayed celebration of my niece’s HS graduation / a delayed family get together / Thanksgiving / etc.]”. Unfortunately, the virus has other ideas. Sigh. I hope that she can come in 2021 instead.

    I’m glad the kids will not be exposed to the increased risk during the holidays, but I completely get your initial reaction (even though I do not have kids!). Your lovely quiet weekdays didn’t seem to last that long, but hopefully they’ll be back sooner rather than later!


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