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Friday feels

Completely random, but my friend sent me this and told me to make it my iPhone lock screen (she knows I love Christmas). Haha. It is pretty cute.


Woot, woot, it’s Friday. Overall, another good week around here. I think I credit a week of pretty predictable/ routine days. I’m totally a creature of habit, generally speaking, so when too many things jump in and shake up my weeks, I can get crabby.

(Like, say, a random school event from 5-7 on a Tuesday. Or an unexpected meeting at 6 pm on a Thursday. Or, another big one- too many appointments. Those always throw off my work schedule.) With the pandemic, there are just way less of these places to go/ things to do and that feels good to me from a daily work/life/home balance standpoint.

No big plans on the horizon for the weekend either. Ivan got the bulk of the fall yard stuff done on his “day off” on Wednesday (Veteran’s Day)…he even cleaned out my garden for me, without me asking! Bless his heart. 🙂

I’m thinking I might pull out the Christmas lights and at least see what works and what doesn’t. Historically, I wait until the day we put them up, and then have to make an annoying Target run in the middle of it all to replace burned out lights. Or, maybe we should just go ahead and put them up?🤔 What do you think? I definitely might also fire up a Hallmark Christmas movie this weekend, too. I haven’t watched any yet, but….I think it’s time. 🙂 Haha.

A big GRATITUDE list

Yesterday I had a physical at the doctor’s office. It was extremely uneventful. Apparently you don’t even have to undress anymore for physicals? Huh. Who knew. Anyway, I got to keep my cozy sweater and jeans on. 😉

But it made me realize. Whoa. I AM SO BLESSED.

-any pain? no
-any concerns? no
-do you exercise? yep, 5-6 x a week, strength, cardio, yoga and I walk every day
-do you drink? rarely
-do you smoke? nope, never have
-weight? healthy.
-blood pressure? great
-sleep okay? yep!
-check all systems…all good
-who do you live with? my family. all healthy. (praise God)
-diet? healthy, varied, plenty of access to food
-vaccines? all up to date.

I left thinking, well, that was kind of a waste of time! But OMG. Thank GOD it was a waste of time!!! I am forever grateful for being healthy. I can’t say it enough.

**Side note: today is Day 100 of my first round of Morning Meltdown 100! Woo-hoo. I finally made it. I just printed a clean, fresh copy of the schedule and plan to start it again right away tomorrow. I just have to decide if I want to do as written and cycle through 5 on/1 rest/ repeat, or…. maybe do the 5 on/1 rest/1 free choice workout (like maybe a run, or something else on the 7th day) and go with a calendar week split instead this time. Hmm.

Daily Gratitude:

See above. I’m grateful for HEALTH.

6 thoughts on “Friday feels”

  1. Congrats on day 100!!!!

    And what an awesome list of things to be grateful for! I haven’t been to the doctor in many years – so I guess i should be grateful everything’s working ok for me too!

    Have a great weekend dude!


  2. Way to go on completely the 100 day plan. That is a big accomplishment. That’s a good sign that you are willing to do it all over again! And yay for a clean bill of health at your physical, even though it felt like you were kind of just checking boxes. It’s is a wonderful thing to be in such good health!

    We are putting up our tree this weekend if I don’t have any flares in my hands. Now that we have snow that will likely stick around, Paul keeps saying ‘it’s Christmas time!’. I did buy some thanksgiving books so we don’t lose track of the season. Thanksgiving is usually one of my favorite holidays of the year – this year will be very different. 😦 I have seen people with outdoor lights up already and it brings a smile to my face. I just love Christmas decorations. The days are so short in our part of the country so the warm glow of lights is such a pick me up!


  3. I laughed at “that was a waste of time”,hahaha… but glad it went well. It’s great to have all functioning. Standard physicals are pretty basic i find. I wish they go another layer deeper as functional medicine doctors do, obviously not efficient as it takes longer.
    Christmas decor already? That sounds fun. We don’t do Christmas decor because we are never home for Christmas. but maybe this year due to lack of travel plans, we have to. need to think about it… although I’d prefer we go somewhere.


  4. I don’t have Christmas decor either (just… not a decorator, unfortunately…). But what I do want? Is one of those cinnamon brooms from Trader Joe’s. They just smell amazing. It stinks, though, because I don’t want to risk going there (too many, um, lax students who shop there) so I guess I’ll have to do without. And, yes, clothes on with my doc, too. They do a very limited physical exam, and really only look at things they / I am concerned about. Definitely odd, sometimes! So glad you are in such wonderful health. It really is something to be grateful for!


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