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Weekend Vibes

 I’m apparently getting old and am losing my endurance for high levels of activity. 

After our busy, fun-filled day on Friday, I just felt kinda lazy yesterday. It was another gorgeous day, and part of me felt like we should be heading out again somewhere to cherish it!! I briefly contemplated going hiking, biking, corn mazing, etc…but then decided, “Nah.” 

I think my #1 deterrent is just that everyone wants to get out to enjoy the leaves and weather on the weekends, in the fall. From past experience, I feel like every beautiful place around ends up packed with people ALL trying to cherish and enjoy it, and I just wasn’t in the mood for that. (This is probably an exaggeration…I’m sure it would have been fine. I just know that the State Parks, pumpkin patches, etc DO get really busy.)

We still had a nice day, we just didn’t do anything photo-worthy this time. 🙂 

The only picture I took all day. I noticed from the kitchen window the leaves were starting to look quite pretty back there. 

My day in review:

  • Asher and I went in the hot tub together in the morning. It was gorgeous out!
  • Then, he had swim practice at 9:30. The drive out actually WAS beautiful, 20 minutes out into the country. I also went for a 20 min. walk during this time/listened to a podcast and spent the rest of the time in my car reading. Quite nice!
  • We all cleaned our rooms! Ours needed it badly. In the afternoon, Ivan and I tag-teamed and washed our bedroom windows too (also badly needed it).
  • Dishes….
  • We went out as a family for a late lunch at Ivan’s friend’s Mexican restaurant (I’ve mentioned before) and had those delicious nachos that we love so much. 
  • I helped Asher practice piano/ work on a new piece
  • Ethan is too cool for school these days and spent most of the afternoon/ evening at a friend’s house nearby  where they were having a bonfire…he is suddenly REALLY into spending time a LOT of time w/ friends lately. 
  • Watched a couple episodes of our show with Ivan after lunch
  • Updated our new October budget spreadsheet
  • Did a Core Inferno abs/core workout
  • Ended the night with a movie night in our room- just me, Ivan and Asher (until Ethan got home midway through and crashed it). We watched an Amazon Original called “My Spy” about a little girl and an undercover CIA agent…it was really good! Very funny. 
  • I made it through the movie (win!) and then promptly fell asleep and ended up sleeping the entire night on top of the blankets with my sweatshirt, leggings, socks, and contact lenses in. I vaguely remember Ivan poking at me to wake me up to go brush my teeth but I must have ignored him.

I also did take this picture of Ethan’s hamster, Flint, and texted him a picture while he was at his friend’s house with the caption: “Who disturbs my slumber….?” (you know, from Aladdin?) Haha. I thought he looked funny sitting there all half awake with his eyes squinted like that. 

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a quiet weekend. Ethan has NO soccer games this weekend, and while they are so fun to go to, it’s nice to have some free weekend days now and then! 

1 thought on “Weekend Vibes”

  1. Wow you must have been wiped out on Saturday night to fall asleep that way! I can see how Friday exhausted you, though, as that is a lot of driving which always tires me out. I had a pretty full weekend w/ 1 thing each day, but it didn't tire me out too much as it was just 2-3 hours of each day so I could still nap/get stuff done around the house. We found out on Sunday that someone in Paul's class tested positive for covid, though, so he'll be home with us until his classroom opens again on 10/23… so the next couple of weeks are going to be hard and we will lay very low. We'll all get tested on Thursday but so far, Paul is healthy and fever-free so hopefully we don't get it…


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