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3 Things

 Happy Sunday morning! I slept in a little bit and man it felt good. 

I’ve got three things I want to share with you today….in no particular order. 

1. Gratitude pumpkins!

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I LOVED the idea!! It would be so fun to do for Thanksgiving. What a great activity for younger kids, too. I believe the original idea (and photos) are from, which is a blog I’d never heard of but looks like a great parenting/ lifestyle resource with some really great and creative ideas!! Check it out! 

2. Gratitude quote that stuck with me this week:

During a tough cardio workout the other day, the trainer (Jericho), for the Beachbody on Demand series that I’m currently doing (Morning Meltdown 100) said something during the cool down that I really liked. First of all, she was wearing a shirt that said “GRATEFUL” on it. Loved that, obviously. 🙂 But as we stretched, with sweat still dripping down my face, she said this:

“Does it make you feel alive? Does it make you feel grateful? Not everybody gets to move their body in the way you just did.” 

I think about this often, how lucky we are to be able to jump and run and walk and stretch and just MOVE our bodies. Great quote and a great reminder!

3. And finally, I laughed at the truth of it when I saw this definition of multitasking this week. It definitely makes the case for mindfulness and focusing on one thing at a time whenever possible. 

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the boys’ friends. The boys switched schools a couple years ago now, and it has been hands down one of the BEST BEST BEST parenting decisions we have ever made, for many reasons. Ethan has met some amazing friends there and in particular, his best buddy shown here who lives in our neighborhood, too. Asher has made a bunch of friends too, and is especially close with one awesome boy from school too. I’m so grateful to see these friendships flourishing and to see them thriving and so happy. 

Post soccer game shot. Not happy about a loss, but always happy to be with his friend. đź’“

2 thoughts on “3 Things”

  1. love the idea of grateful pumpkin and very interesting blog too. We don't find this size of pumpkin here but I'm encouraging Sofia to do a weekly review in my journal on her favorite of the week and things she's grateful. At first she didn't know what to write down, now she finally does. I think this can help her mind to learn to make the switch (see the positive side). love seeing kids friendships. Just so cute!!!


  2. Thanks for sharing that blog – I will add it to my feed as I'm always looking for new parenting ideas! The gratitude pumpkin is really cute!That quote during your workout really resonated with me. When my RA was really, really bad after I was diagnosed, it hurt to do so many things. Even walking. And I couldn't straighten my right arm since I had such a bad flare in my elbow that took forever to go away. I told myself I'd never take moving for granted again, but I still do at times… so I need to keep working on that!


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