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These are certainly crazy times.

Last night we learned that the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a temporary injunction blocking the emergency order that required all of the schools in our county to open virtually. (If you recall in this post, I explained how our private school was planning and was prepared to safely open this fall, and the closure was VERY last minute and sudden.) The Supreme Court will now officially take up the case, but it could be months before all is said and done. According to the release, it sounded “likely” that the final ruling would be in the schools’ favor. In the meantime, while the case is under proceedings, the kids can go back in person (if the school desires). 

As you also know, after expecting all summer to start in person, school started for us last week….virtually (as no ruling had been issued yet). 

This past week has been full of figuring out virtual learning, getting into routines, navigating the classrooms… and now, less than a week in, it turns out we get to “pivot” (as everyone likes to say) YET AGAIN. It looks like they will have virtual school today, then no school at all Monday and Tuesday, and then resume in person classes on Wednesday.

Whew! What a ride. 

I am personally FOR the kids going back in person (in our case, with the set up at our school and given the excessively detailed plan they have in place. I believe, personally, that it should be individual school and/or district dependent, provided compliance with all safety guidelines. Every situation is very unique. I DO feel the kids will be safe at our school- I was beyond impressed with the accommodations and planning that went into this. I saw photos this week of open daycares/ virtual learning camps in our area that appeared to have a fraction of measures in place compared to what our school’s safety measures will be). 

So then a weird thing happened. When I got the text from a friend last night, and then read the press release about the court ruling, I had some strange feelings wash over me.

Sadness! Almost a sense of….nostalgia?? And also, simultaneously, excitement and happiness. I’m not sure how to explain it.

After an overwhelming day on Wednesday, yesterday was actually a nice day. It was a rainy, gloomy day, but it felt… cozy. I blocked off 1 1/2 hours in the early afternoon to help with some things, and we turned the fireplace on and lit a scented candle in the sunroom. Everyone was in a good mood, and school was just flowing better than the day before. 

Anyway. I am happy about the ruling, and I do want the kids back in school! But there is a part of me that suddenly realized that our extended “quarantine life” might actually finally be coming to an end! (Potentially- and who knows, maybe only temporarily!). As much as I have griped about the kids underfoot constantly and them driving me nuts, I will still MISS them. A little bit, anyway. 🙂 

IF somehow they manage to stay in school the rest of the year, and forever going forward somehow (probably a big IF, but just sayin’…), this unique time home with them is something I will never have again! Just strange to think about. It kind of feels like the end of maternity leave. Haha.

There have certainly been many silver linings to all of this, as I think we have all realized. The family time and closeness probably being the biggest one. 

It’s been such a whirlwind of emotions, all of this, hasn’t it?? 

In closing, and in part because I have no new photos to go along with the above school post….. a picture of the boys GROCERY SHOPPING with me last night! This was literally their first time in a grocery store since at least February. They were excited!!! They also completely blew any hope of sticking to a grocery budget. 

Daily Gratitude: 
I am grateful for delicious smelling fall candles. I am also grateful for my sense of hearing. I woke up in the night and had trouble falling back to sleep, so I lay there sort of marveling at all the tiny little sounds my ears could pick up in the quiet night. Quite amazing, really. 

2 thoughts on “Whirlwind”

  1. I am glad that your kids can go back to school. In the Minnesota, all the private schools that my friends' kids attend have opened for the most part. I don't follow the politics/rules of it so I don't really know if they have to follow the same rules are public schools. But it seems like, at a private school, you are sort of paying for lower class sizes so it makes sense that they can go back in person – at least for now. I'd be pissed to pay private school tuition and then have virtual school. I mean, if there are cases that require school to close, that is a different story. But I'd want them to safely try to return to school in person. So I am glad that is the case for your kiddos. I have a feeling your kids will still be back doing virtual learning at some point this year, so you'll still probably have them underfoot throughout the year!! But I understand that nostalgia. I did not feel that when Paul went back to daycare, but it's different have a 2 year old at home v middle grade kiddos who are potty trained and self sufficient. 😉


  2. what a twist or rollercoaster! I am sure it brings tons of emotions from different directions but I can totally see the feeling of "this is the end of this unique period of our life". I was just wondering yesterday for how long I'll be counting the days of "semi-lockdown" and I think once kids go back to school in person, that would be it. I agree how much this time has brought us united as family more than ever before. It turned out to be a life changing experience for good, really, I truly believe it. the lesson of it is that we are so much more resilient and adaptable than we think, as long as we are in a good mental space, we can find joy and gratitude no matter the circumstance.


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