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An unexpected reset

It has rained here ALL week. Literally, it has felt like just a steady stream of drizzle to moderate rain almost constantly for days now.

I don’t really mind spurts like this, if I don’t have much going on. It feels like a good excuse to be lazy or curl up and watch TV or something. It’s not the best from the standpoint of doing much outdoors, though. Both of Ethan’s soccer practices were cancelled this week due to rain/ wet fields, and Asher’s swim “dryland” (exercise) class which is held outdoors was also cancelled. The kids really barely set foot outside all week. Intermittent rain showers is one thing, but this has been more than that! 

I’ve been trying to get out to walk everyday, nonetheless. I managed to sneak in mid-day walks earlier this week when the rain let up to a slight drizzle.

Last night, I think the flurry of the school week, work stuff, plus a poor night of sleep on Thursday and this gloomy rainy weather caught up to me. I just felt exhausted. I think all of the chaos and emotions surrounding the back to school dilemma (and the mistake of reading so many hurtful, negative comments online constantly about everything) affects me more than I realized, too. 

I ended up taking a NAP in the evening which was quite wonderful. It rained and rained outside my window and I just really needed it. When I woke up, Ivan took Asher to swim practice and although it was dark by then, I felt refreshed enough to try to fit my walk in. (I told myself I would walk outside every day, and I was feeling guilty about skipping it….)

So, I suited up in a sweatshirt, raincoat and an umbrella and headed out. No headphones, no music, no podcast. Just me, the rain, and the night. 

It actually felt amazing. It was around 60 degrees and felt pretty humid/ warm, really. I walked my 20 minutes and felt so relaxed that I did a little extra loop to add on a little more time. It was a great way to clear my mind and I returned feeling very refreshed and energized. It was the perfect “reset”. Highly recommend trying an evening, rainy walk sometime! 🙂 

When I got back the boys and I snuggled up in my bed and watched the last two episodes of The Babysitters Club while Ivan watched a soccer game in the other room. Turned out to be a very nice night. 

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful today for my mom! Today is her 70th birthday. Wow. I kind of can’t believe that. I still often think of her as being the same age as when I was growing up, when she was driving me around to piano lessons, ironing our clothes in the evenings and quizzing me on spelling words. I remember when she turned 40. My Dad threw a surprise party for her and I have pretty clear memories of it. I would have been almost 7 years old at the time. I just don’t even have words to write here to express what my Mom means to me. I don’t think I’ll even try. She is truly one of a kind. My heart explodes with gratitude for everything my mom has done for me over the years, who she is as a person, and what she means to our family. I love you Mom, and happy birthday!! 

A small lunch yesterday with a few extended family members. I took a few hours off to go and it was really nice! 

3 thoughts on “An unexpected reset”

  1. Rainy walks are the best! Doesn't rain much where I am but I secretly love it and agree – it's quite refreshing and beautiful to watch.Happy Birthday to the Mama!


  2. happy birthday to your mom! I feel the same with mine. walk really does magic to our mind. Yesterday i went out with Lizzy for an afternoon walk and it was super nice too. That should be our fav activity to do when getting out, no plans, just walk and enjoy the fresh air. sorry to hear you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. too much news does that to us as it tricks our mind to the rabbit hole. News are useful for decision maker, to lay out the facts, but once the decision is made, they're useless. 🙂


  3. Happy belated birthday to your mom! I also remember my mom's 40th birthday party – I was also 7 at that time! That means I'm a couple of years older than you as my mom just turned 72 in August. It's hard to believe she's that old because she seems quite young to me. But she has aged very well and her health is great! We did not have quite as much rain as you guys did last week. I was able to walk pretty much every day after the worst of it passed on Mon/Tues. It was quite chilly, though! Felt weird to walk with a sweatshirt. But I enjoyed the shift in weather – it's kind of nice to have the occasional rainy day! I'm glad this week will be beautiful, though! We'll have weather in the 70s and that's my ideal kind of weather when the humidity is low!


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