Change is hard

Today the boys are going off with our neighbor girl and her dad to a State Park with hiking trails and a big lake/ beach for the whole day. This is the neighbor that I mentioned before is moving away (this weekend already!! ☹ ).

The boys both seem to be getting really sad and almost borderline angry about the fact that she is moving….They have been spending SO MUCH time together this summer- literally playing together every single day- that I think this is going to feel like a massive bandaid being ripped off. They relate to her and are comfortable with her in a way they just really aren’t with anyone else.

 Ethan has a tendency to get sentimental about change and especially closure to things. I remember him struggling in 1st and  2nd grade at the end of each year on the last day of school with being really upset about the year being over and missing his teacher, sort of perseverating on it for a few days. Asher has just kept retorting, “Well! I don’t understand why they need to move “to the country”. Their house here is just fine!”

I’m glad they will get this special day with her today. We took her on that river tubing adventure recently for Ethan’s birthday which was a wonderful day with her too.

I want to sit down with the boys and put together a photo album for her before they leave of pictures of all of them together from over the years. We moved here when Asher was 3 (she was 2), and since then they have celebrated Christmases together, gone trick or treating every year together, decorated Halloween cupcakes together and walked home from school countless times. Not to even mention the hours and hours they spent playing in her tree house, on the swings, on the trampoline and lately, Minecraft dates. 🙂 

 Jeez, this is making ME really sad now!! I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree- I’m not the best with change either.

Daily Gratitude:
I am really grateful that the weather is cooperating today so the boys can go off and have a fun day with their friend! It looks like a beautiful, sunny day is coming up. I’m grateful her Dad is taking them on this special outing, too. Also, I am grateful for a quiet day here today with no kids home! Looking forward to getting a lot done. And peace. And quiet. 😊

4 thoughts on “Change is hard”

  1. Change and goodbyes can be so hard! I'm sure it's especially hard for your boys since she's been part of so many of their memories and one of the few playmates they've had during COVID lock down. I never experience having to move or having a friend move away when I was young but as an adult I have experience it plenty and it's very hard. Hopefully they can stay in touch although I know that's not the same!


  2. change is hard for everyone but it's also a good lesson for the kids to know that many things/people are finite in term of time, thus they learn to appreciate more the time they do have with them. I often worry that given our life style (expat moving every few years) will impact my girls. What I realise that it depends on kids personality but also their personality get shaped by the constant change too. They become resilient to changes, new environment, and emotional stress of saying goodbye to their friends. I also feel that as I get older, I am more attached to what I have, and any change comes with uncertainty, which is not comfortable.


  3. Oh gosh this must be so hard for the boys. I mean they are not only dealing with the uncertainty associated with the pandemic but they are also dealing with the fears that they will be losing a dear friend. Do you think it will be possible to keep plans with the friend on a monthly basis at least?? Might help them feel less fearful about her leaving! 🙂


  4. I'm not sure…she will be moving like 2 1/2 hours away, so I'm not sure how often they will be back! They still do have some other family in the area, so I'm hopeful they'll be around from time to time. And I know they have been talking about having the boys come up to visit sometime. We just learned yesterday that a new family moved in just one street over from us (just through the yard) with 2 boys, ages 10 and 11. I'm crossing my fingers that maybe they can hit it off! Wouldn't be a replacement for her, but might help with at least having some other neighborhood playmates. 🙂


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