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Milestones: #100 and #12

Today is a major number milestone marker for two reasons.


Today marks my 100th blog post! I started this little blog on April 4th, 2020, and have written a post here every single day since then, for 100 days. 

I didn’t exactly set out planning to write 100 posts, or even to necessarily write everyday. But I just have found that a) I absolutely love writing on here and b) with the pandemic going on, for the most part, my early mornings have been mostly uninterrupted and available for writing. 

I’m sure the day will come where I’m rushing off at 6 am to a swim meet, or getting up at the crack of dawn to drive somewhere for a soccer tournament, and sipping tea and writing a blog post just won’t happen.

But for the moment, my daily appointment with my blog has been soothing to me, a fun routine that lets me feel some creativity, use my brain in a different way and also document this crazy pandemic life. It’s been my own little window of opportunity to express myself in a way I haven’t really ever done before in my life. 

If you’ve been following along, I would so appreciate it if you might take a minute and just let me know what you think! Feel free to drop a comment, a private message or email. 

What are you enjoying reading? What kinds of posts don’t you enjoy so much? What works for you and what doesn’t? Any suggestions for posts you’d like to see? I’m still so new to this and would love some constructive feedback! 🙂 

And THANK YOU for reading!! I am grateful for you all.


Today is my older son Ethan’s 12th birthday!!! And his golden birthday, too. 12 on the 12th. 

He is soooo excited about his birthday. More excited than I recall him being in past years! I think he feels that “12” sounds pretty grown up. Plus, we have the day all planned out and he’s just pumped about it all. 

We are having blueberry struesel muffins for breakfast (his choice- we usually do donuts, but he is older and more refined now, so he chose blueberry muffins 😉 

Later we are taking our neighbor girl (their BFF, the one who is moving away next month!!) and we are getting Culver’s for lunch (his favorite) and then heading to the Wisconsin River to go tubing. We’ve never done this before and he is super excited about it! Later this evening we will have sloppy joes for dinner (again, his choice) with key lime pie instead of cake (he has adopted my favorite dessert as his own). And, of course, presents!! 

Sounds like a great day to be 12. I can’t believe he is actually 12! Wow. Time flies, doesn’t it. (sniff, sniff…..I always get emotional on their birthdays!! Next year he will officially be a TEEN! I can’t handle that….wahhhh). 

Off to make the muffins! Have a great day. 

(Before I go, I need to share what Asher wrote in the birthday card to Ethan! How sweet is this?!! I thought he would just sign his name, but with zero prompting from me, he wrote this adorable message…)

Daily Gratitude: 
I am grateful for being a mom. I’m grateful that God has entrusted me with these two precious boys, to teach and guide and love them through this wild world we live in. They are my greatest blessings! 

3 thoughts on “Milestones: #100 and #12”

  1. I like your blog just as it is. I like authenticity it has, and sharing thoughts and reflections in life. I like getting to know you a little bit more with each post! 🙂 Just keep up!12?OMG! teenager already! Time really flies right? I can't imagine that happening with my girls yet, and hopefully they continue to be attached to you, in a different way. Enjoy the day!


  2. I have to agree with Coco … I love your authenticity! I love how you keep it real and don't sugar coat life to make it seem "too perfect" like so many people do! I can't wait till life normalizes a bit more and you can share more about your travels, etc.


  3. I also love your blog and don't have any recommendations about changes to make. Keep doing what you are doing! I would like to know more about your backstory, though, like how you met your husband! I am glad Evan had such a special day. It sounds like the absolute perfect day and if your weather was like ours, yesterday was the perfect day to be outside on a river. It was finally not super humid here!


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