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My Recipe for a Nice Weekend

I was reflecting yesterday (again, as this is a frequent topic of reflection since the pandemic began) on just how different our weekends are without soccer games, swim meets, practices, and the like. Since last weekend was Father’s Day and next weekend is 4th of July, I didn’t really feel like making big plans this weekend. The weather was gorgeous so lots of people went to lakes, hiking, day trips, etc. but I was in the mood for just enjoying our house and yard and sort of laying low, getting some stuff done and relaxing.

Anyway, at multiple points throughout the weekend I had the thought that in many ways, despite the lack of “excitement”, this was kind of my ideal weekend. Maybe I’m a dud, I don’t know. LOL!

Here are my personal “nice weekend ingredients”:

  • Multiple parts- Family Time
    • movie/pizza night on Friday night
    • a family bike ride to McDonald’s on Saturday night for ice cream
    • reading with the boys
    • swam with Asher
    • family lunch together on Sunday
  • Good chunk- Productivity, aka “getting stuff done”
    • Ivan cut the grass/ trimmed bushes/ edges
    • I (and sort of the boys) weeded flower beds
    • worked in garden
    • updated end of month financial stuff
    • cleaned up our room + some stuff in garage
    • Ivan took boys to finally buy a new hamster cage for Steel so he is not living in a storage bin anymore!
  • Small but dedicated amount- Alone time
    • early morning Saturday writing/ reading outside alone
    • post-swim on Sunday, more alone time on deck
  • Stir in throughout weekend- Relaxation Time with spouse
    • morning walk on Saturday alone with Ivan
    • tea/coffee on deck  both days
    • TV show Sunday evening with Ivan
    • ran errand together and had lunch together on Saturday

  • Sprinkle in- Exercise
    • Beachbody workout from home on Saturday, took a rest day Sunday due to a.m swim + lots of yard work!
    • yard work/ swim/ bike ride/ walk also fit more exercise in from other categories

And there you have it! Without realizing it, I kind of created my ideal weekend recipe. If I have family time + productive time + alone time + time with Ivan + exercise, it feels like the perfect mix! 

Too much of one or the other can make it feel unbalanced, or for example, if I JUST lie around and “relax” constantly, I end up feeling lazy. But if I mix in “getting some stuff done”, I feel productive and thus then content to also relax plenty! 

The unfortunate reality though is that in normal, non-pandemic times, our weekends don’t look anything like this really. We do other, fun and probably more exciting things, but I’m realizing that these items listed above are what make me feel truly refreshed and replenished after the weekend is over.  

Here are a few pictures from the above:

Early morning outside Saturday
Movie night!
Biking for ice cream
Yard work break
The boys’ recipe would include plenty of hamster time!

How was your weekend? What are the essentials in your personal recipe for a great weekend? 

Daily Gratitude: 

I am grateful for our deck. I have been spending more time on it this summer than probably ever before, and I’m grateful for it. I’m happy to have a place to enjoy time outdoors and I find it really comfortable to sit out on. 

2 thoughts on “My Recipe for a Nice Weekend”

  1. I would say that I need a mix of what you mentioned as well. One essential right now that isn't typical is a solid nap at least one weekend day or even both days. I often don't sleep well one night and I find this pregnancy more tiring than my first – probably because I am chasing a toddler around. I especially since the naps if we are outdoors a lot, which we have been lately. It's been so hot and humid and it really wears me out. I'm not very big yet, but I am starting to show and feel more bulky and I feel like I'm even more sensitive to the heat/more prone to sweating! My weekend had a really good mix of time outdoors, friend time, productivity, time with Phil, and downtime. Phil and I actually watched a movie for the first time in many months – Just Mercy. But we had to split it over 2 nights because staying up past 9'ish is just not possible for me these days!


  2. I fully identify with this list. I need a bit of everything to feel happy too. Oh.. I'd add one more to the list, try a new recipe with the family. Since my girls are small, our weekends have always been quite relax, especially Sunday, we don't plan anything, we call it family day. The only change since covid was my group run on Sunday morning that ends with a breakfast with fellow runner friends is cancelled, which is bummer because that's precious social time that is not work related. But well…. at least we can still do social time with my colleague friends at home by the pool ideally 🙂


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