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Thankful, Thoughts, Travel: 3×3 Tuesday

Hello! How’s it going today? 

Feeling pretty good here, despite the growing concerns over increasing COVID numbers again. I’ve been having some intermittent anxiety/ worries about if this is EVER going to go away! I had really assumed initially, I guess, that this would maybe last through summer, but I always figured that by fall things would be on the way back to normal. Now, it’s sort of feeling like no end in sight, which is freaky, frustrating and depressing. But let’s not talk about that. I can’t change it anyway by writing about it on my blog, and I have other, better, more positive things to discuss today. We’ll save the doomsday talk for another morning 🙂 

I’m going to do a little 3×3 post today: 3 Things I’m Thankful For, 3 Thoughts, and 3 Travel pics! I’ve managed to make all 3 categories start with a “T”, because, it’s Tuesday 😉


3 things I’m thankful for from yesterday:


Watching Ethan’s tennis lesson yesterday and even more so, enjoying this GORGEOUS summer morning. I sat and half watched him, half puttered around with my calendar and making a meal plan for the week and it was a lovely 30 minutes. 


This salad I had for lunch. IT WAS SO GOOD! Really nothing fancy but I kept saying “MMM!” out loud to myself as I was eating it. Includes: chipotle chicken tinga (leftover from tostadas), onion, romaine lettuce from my garden, apple, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese and a scoop of pico de gallo. Very random, very delicious


Ethan helped me to make dinner last night. He breaded the fish! He was not really a fan of touching raw fish, or raw egg, but he toughed it out. 😉 


I’ve had a nice little stretch with my daily “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” calendar lately and wanted to share a couple that I’ve especially liked . 


Love the concept of not being “attached” to something being a certain way. This tells me that it’s not that we can’t want to improve, or have things be better, but we can still remain detached from it encompassing our whole being and continue to be grateful for whatever we do have. I also love the last sentence, about not zeroing in always on what’s wrong. Be grateful for what you DO have instead.


Along the same vein, again reminding us to just let it all go a bit. I know I sometimes go nuts trying to control or force things to be how I want them to be. There is some real freedom and relief in just accepting that sometimes, life just is the way it is. 


This is just a very profound thought and interesting to ponder. In case it’s hard to read, it says: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” 


Today’s Travel Tuesday is a place that I have NOT been (yet), but is on my list: 

Montreal, Canada!

I have been itching to go there for a few years now, since I read something about it and then also found out that a co-worker of mine’s daughter goes to school there. He told me (and he is a very well-traveled guy, around the world) that Montreal might be his favorite city he has ever been to. 

This peaked my interest and I started looking up some info about it. It looks to me like it would be the perfect place for a long weekend getaway with Ivan sometime. Although, there’s ton of other stuff to do nearby too- so it would also be a great family destination. It just looks so quaint, beautiful and romantic, with lots of history, culture and more. I would love to explore it in the fall or winter!! 

Here are 3 pictures that are feeding my daydreams….. 

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

That’s all for today! Have a wonderful Tuesday. 

Have you ever been to Montreal??

Daily Gratitude: 
(in addition to my 3 things above!!)
I am grateful today for family dinners at the dinner table. During “normal life”, oftentimes weeks go by that we don’t sit at the table. We generally don’t mind just hanging around the breakfast bar, and many times we aren’t even all home at the same time. Even during this COVID time, many nights it’s just easier to eat at the bar. But last night we had our fish dinner at the table, and it was a reminder how nice it is to all sit down together. 

3 thoughts on “Thankful, Thoughts, Travel: 3×3 Tuesday”

  1. I haven't been to Montreal but it's also a place I would love to visit. I'm a total Francophile and I have been told it's a good, shorter-distance substitute for going to France! It looks so charming and beautiful.Gosh it's like those calendar pages were written for me. I am very set in my ways and want things to go a certain way and life to be a certain way. My husband and I just had a debate over who is more stubborn and of course we both thought the other person was more stubborn (we were being stubborn about who is more stubborn – ha!). We talked about it because our son is SO stubborn. Which is basically part of being 2 but I feel like he is more stubborn than usual about some things and I am pretty sure he gets it from his mama!!Your morning watching your son play tennis sounds wonderful. I had a really nice block of time around 4 yesterday. I was done with work in time to log off at the time I normally would when I was working downtown. So I went to our deck and read my book. It was still very comfortable out as the humidity had not built up yet so it was delightful to read out there for 30 minutes while I waited for my boys to get home.


  2. I love the quotes: sometimes I feel I'm too obsessed on things I can't control and want to fix them when I know i can't, which creates anxiety and stress. I need to learn to let it all go a bit.I've never been in Montreal but looks so good. and COVID? sigh…. I'm losing hope of it going away soon. I think we just need to learn to live under the "new normal" (which I'm starting to hate the word), meaning work from home, no travel, and home schooling. which are things that bother me the most.. but well… one day at the time.


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