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Creative Play and Another COVID Holiday Weekend

Good Saturday morning and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! 😊

Here we go, another holiday. This one “feels” a little more disrupted to me in some ways than the others (Easter and Mother’s Day), I think maybe because we don’t usually have majorly traditional plans on either of those holidays in our household.

We don’t actually really have specific traditional Memorial Day plans either, but maybe due to the whole “long weekend” concept, plus that it is the usual start to summer for everyone, it feels a little disappointing to have everything basically cancelled yet again.

I know so many people typically have big family gatherings, visit their lake homes, there are Memorial Day parades, cemetery visits, events, Madison’s famous Brat Fest….in the past we have been at soccer tournaments this weekend, I ran my first half-marathon over Memorial Day weekend years ago…This year, nothing.

I personally sometimes end up doing a fair amount of yard work over Memorial Day weekend. Many years, my April and May weekends have been spent at soccer games and swim meets, so the sometimes less scheduled up Memorial Day weekend is oftentimes the first real chance we get to either start weeding my by-now very weedy flower beds, spread mulch or edge them, buy and start planting my annual flowers, start planting my garden, etc. However, the forecast today calls for 100% rain and the next several days don’t look that great either, really. Tomorrow could be possibly be dry I think.
Weekend Plans!

Yesterday the boys started their Memorial Day break, so they didn’t have school. It was kind of a dreary day for much of the day, so they played their fair share of video games in the morning, but I was happy to see them spend the afternoon building a quite epic fort in the basement! I used to LOVE building and hanging out in “forts” as a kid.

This one has multiple rooms, including a “music” room which houses a record player (they turned on an old Liberace record), a “weaponry” where the Nerf guns are held, a “reading room” with two flameless candles to read by and they installed central air conditioning (i.e. rigged up a fan to blow through the fort). It was quite fun for them I think!
Despite 65 degree temps outside, they turned on the “campfire”. 🙂

We also made the decision, with my parents, for them to come and stay this weekend. This is the first time we are really seeing them since February. We have been waiting for my Dad to be able to come and help us with some finishing work on our kitchen remodel, and we finally decided that with our recent negative COVID tests and things starting to open up this next week anyway, we were comfortable with this. Plus, we’ve just really missed them!

We started off our Friday night with getting a local Buck and Honey’s takeout pizza (YUM) and watching “Sister Act”! I had forgotten all about that movie. The kids actually really liked it and it has all that fun music!

 When that ended it was only around 9:00 and we had more gas in the tank, so we ended up randomly picking a shorter movie on Netflix with Colin Firth called “What A Girl Wants”, about a 17 year old American girl who has never met her father, who is a British artisocrat. She goes off to finally meet him and of course doesn’t fit into the royal world….very predictable and a very fluffy movie, but it was cute and family friendly and had some both touching and funny parts.

No big plans here for the rest of the day! My Dad and Ivan are going to hopefully get our base moulding installed finally (we got new flooring back in February and haven’t had the moulding installed since!). Hoping for maybe a grill out day tomorrow if the weather holds. I was toying with the idea of trying to go somewhere to hike, but I feel like everywhere is going to be packed. Hmmmm…. 

Steps: 11,358
Meditate: No! Ugh. I’m not doing so hot on this lately. It just hasn’t felt that natural and I’m having a hard time getting into it, despite my “Meditation May” attempt. I thought getting back into the consistent routine would help, but I feel like I’m kind of just going through the motions the last few days…
Read: 15 minutes

Daily Gratitude: I am grateful for the daily inspiration from my desk calendar. I enjoy reading these little entries each morning and they brighten my day. 😊

2 thoughts on “Creative Play and Another COVID Holiday Weekend”

  1. That's great that you were able to see your parents! That probably offset the less than spectacular weekend weather we had. It was less rainy here than they were forecasting but we still had plenty of rain! Of course now it's sunny and beautiful out and will be for the next several days. Go figure! Our memorial day weekend was pretty quiet. We went out to see my MIL on Saturday afternoon as it was her bday on Sunday. We just didn't get our son get close to her and us adults kept our distance. We were outside the whole time except when we went in to eat delicious Mexican take out. There is a tiny whole-in-the-wall authentic place close by and I kept saying over and over how good my tacos were! Mmmmm.


  2. Our weather called for rain but we had a near perfect weather weekend!! A couple sprinkles both Saturday and Sunday but otherwise hot and sunny. And YUMMMM…tacos….. 😉


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