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Today’s Three Things

I ran across a great productivity tip this past week that I’m really loving! 

It is called “Today’s Three Things.” 

The idea is that each morning as you get organized for the day, you pick three things that you want to accomplish that day. It doesn’t have to be work-related or even something traditionally “productive”. Just 3 things that you want to do. 

I got the idea from Kelsey from the blog Rising Shining who I believe originally got it from Elise Joy at elisejoy.com (you can get these fun templates on her IG Stories highlights but obviously you could just write these on a piece of paper!). 

I already had the habit of picking a few priorities from my to do list for the day, but I haven’t really been consistent lately with following through on them. Also, I have a tendency to pick too many things to try to do in a day which can become unrealistic. 

I love this idea of just picking only 3 things. It feels very manageable! It makes you really think about what you want those 3 things to be, and then when you have done them, you can feel very accomplished (even if that’s all you get done in a day!). Progress is progress. I think this would work especially well for moms of younger kids, when “getting things done” is harder. 

It’s surprising how much you can get done in a week if you pick 3 good things per day to work on. Of course, you can do other things besides these 3 items too, but the idea I think is to start small and focused so you can be successful. 

If you don’t get something done from your 3 Things list, no big deal! It’s not supposed to be an all or nothing pact. Just either move it to the next day, or if you’ve decided it’s really not a priority, just scratch it and pick something new. 

Like Kelsey from the blog above, I have started deciding on my 3 things in the morning and then posting them on my Instagram Stories. Just for fun and to help keep myself accountable!

So far, a couple days worth of my 3 things have been:

I think today’s are going to be:

-Read an Extreme Space Missions chapter with the boys
-Write out a meal plan for the week
-Move/ organize a couple months worth of photos from hard drive to Amazon photos

Let me know if you do anything similar or if you try out this method!!

By the way, Happy Mother’s Day to any moms reading! I am planning on mostly having a very low key day here. It’s a rainy day here in WI and I really just want to kind of lounge around, watch a couple movies/ shows maybe, read a little…. nothing exciting. I haven’t done my work out for the day yet either since I slept in. Plus, I will try to knock out my 3 things too! 😉

Me and my Mom in Ouray, Colorado last summer!

Me and the boys who made me a Mom! Celebrating my 12th Mother’s Day today!! Whoa. 

Steps: 14, 341
Meditate: Done! (10 minutes to make up for Friday)
Read: 😦 but listened to a couple good podcasts!

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for my Mom! She is one of the few people in the world that I KNOW without a doubt in my mind loves me 100% unconditionally and would walk through fire for me. I’m so grateful that I (normally) get to spend oodles of time with her, for our frequent phone calls to chit chat, for her love and wonderful involvement with my kids, and for her selfless nature. She would give up or sacrifice anything to make life better or easier for someone else (especially her family). I really, really try to never take a single moment with my parents for granted!! I feel so lucky to have them. 💗

1 thought on “Today’s Three Things”

  1. This is a good idea! I usually have a list of "Today's Thirty Things" (haha) and when none of them get done I feel like such a failure. Maybe narrowing my focus just a smidge would help!


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