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Weekend Recap

How was your Mother’s Day? 

Mother’s Day 2020- Ethan 11, Asher 10

Mine was lovely! Really, it was such a nice day. It was rainy and cold but that really didn’t bother me in the slightest. I was in the mood to just kind of lay low and have a lazy day, and that’s pretty much what I did. 

The whole weekend was quite nice, actually. 

Let’s see, some highlights included:

Friday night:

  • kids sat and played a Minecraft card game for a long time (i.e. no screens!)
  • I started a new book that I’m liking a lot
  • I finally got Rainbow’s fish tank cleaned (thanks to my “Today’s 3 Things” list)
  • We had a fancy dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and after doing that puzzle with the kids, Ivan and I got in a couple episodes of our show “The Good Wife”.

  • Ivan had to work for a few hours but it was okay because I got some nice alone time in the morning 😉 
  • did a great Range & Repair stretching workout 
  • took a walk with the boys (shortened because BRRR!! What the heck is up with the temperatures??!)
  • deep cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floors, etc while talking to my Mom on the phone
  • Ivan picked up Chick-Fil-A for lunch! Yum. Nice lunch all together. 
  • While kids played outside, I got an hour and a half done on my storage room clean out!! Yay!!! Also listened to a great podcast episode on habit formation. Will share more later! It was a good one. 
  • In late afternoon took a long walk with Ivan. Kids opted to stay home and ride bikes around in the cul-de-sac with our neighbor girl. 
  • Made homemade pizza! (Okay, kind of. I just bought one of those “make your own pizza kits”. Had planned to actually make our own dough, etc but ended up putting all the ingredients back since I just had SO much other stuff already in the cart last time and I didn’t want to buy everything I would need this time. Maybe next time.)
  • Ended up watching the movie “Yesterday” I talked about- Asher and I had watched that clip online so he wanted to see the whole movie. A couple parts weren’t 100% kid appropriate but managed to skate around those and just fast forwarded one little part. Ivan and I were both kind of appalled when they didn’t recognize “All You Need is Love” and “Hard Day’s Night”, so I have now resolved to start playing Beatles music 24/7 until they know them all. Hahaha. I’m kidding. Maybe. 😉 
I went through all of these boxes of Halloween and Fall decorations and threw a bunch of stuff away, organized and condensed them…Feels so good! Some day maybe I will buy all orange boxes for the Halloween stuff, red and green for Christmas….that would look so nice. Maybe someday. For now, these are perfectly fine. 🙂 

Ta-Da. Pizza. It was pretty good! Needed more cheese though. I didn’t really know how much to put. Never actually made pizza before…. Seems a lot easier to just order take-out, just sayin’…. 🙂


  • Day 1 of Week 3 from ‘The Work’ Beachbody program- it was “Push” Day. Lots of pushups! I can tell I’m getting stronger at them! 
  • Worked on transferring some photos and videos to Amazon photos
  • Donuts for breakfast! 
  • Talked to my Mom for Mother’s Day and Ivan called his Mom.
  • Ivan made me chilaquiles (verdes) for lunch with fried eggs!! One of my favorites. They were so good.
  • We played several rounds of Clue in the afternoon! Hadn’t played that in ages and we all loved it. Super fun. We all got really into it. 
  • Tried to go on an afternoon walk with Ivan but it started sort of raining/ sleeting on us so we cut it short 😦 
  • Lounged in bed and watched an episode of our show while kids played video games for a bit
  • Walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes and read my book! 
  • Had a VERY fancy holiday meal of frozen popcorn shrimp! lol. We basically never buy frozen stuff like that- just not something we generally eat, except maybe the occasional chicken nuggets for the kids- but I spotted these the other day at the store and thought, Hmm, those look good! So, that’s what we had. We had popcorn during our Clue time so we weren’t really that hungry for dinner anyway. 
  • Ended the night with watching “The Princess Bride”. Neither the kids nor Ivan had ever seen it! And I think it’s been about 20 years at least since I have. They all liked it. 🙂 
Chilaquiles verdes. I’ll admit I “americanized” them slightly by adding regular shredded cheese instead of the traditional mexican queso cotija which I’m actually not a fan of.

Asher made me the cutest fold out card! It says:

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for taking me to swim and planning every single trip we go on. Also, I wanted to thank you for working hard and having the time to help out with swim, soccer and countless other things! I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day! Love, Asher

Hamster pic!

Have a great week! We need to go move Ivan’s car out, take our showers and then fill the bathtub with water since they will be shutting off our water from 9 am – 1 pm due to the road work… I need to go fill a big pitcher for drinking water too! 


Steps: 10,747
Meditate: Done!
Read: 45 minutes

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for movies! We have been watching quite a few movies during this time and I just really enjoy the ritual of snuggling in on the couch with a blanket, some popcorn and watching a movie as a family. Usually one or both of the boys will come over and curl up with us at some point during the movie too which I love. I miss watching movies in the theater too, since we all like to do that too, but I’m grateful for home movie nights right now. Plus, movies are just fun! It’s great to just escape into an imaginary world for a while or laugh during a good comedy. 🙂 

6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap”

  1. I laughed out loud about the popcorn shrimp. I’ve had several conversations with friends about quarantine diets! A few weeks ago I bought corn dogs and tator tots (stuff we would never buy) and it really hit the spot! Molly


  2. I got Chick Fil A for lunch one day last week when I had a doctor's appointment. It was sooo good! I love that they have GF buns. I rarely eat fast food take out but it sure hit the spot that day! It was pretty cold here last weekend, too. I fit in walks on Sat and Sun but they were not super pleasant as it was pretty chilly out. I'm ready for warmer weather to return! Nice sunny weather makes such a difference in my mood! Highlights of my day were getting a coffee at Starbucks in the morning, getting take out from my favorite place for lunch, and having a zoom session with my parents and 4 siblings/some of nieces and nephews. So all in all, a good day!


  3. Aww, that sounds really nice! We haven't tried do anything over Zoom or Skype like that yet. My Mom likes to read to my boys still when she comes, so she was saying maybe sometime soon we could Facetime and she could read a book about the Holocaust that she got that she thinks the boys would enjoy. (Maybe not as light as play games…haha!)


  4. We just got a Chick Fil A near us fairly recently- I had never had it before, actually! It's so good! My boys love it too. They were the ones who requested it for lunch on Saturday. 🙂 I'm glad you had a good weekend! Our walks were chilly too which was kind of a bummer. Looks like some warm weather headed this way, so hopefully that's true for MN too!


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