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A 5 minute post

About to jump into meetings for the next 2 hours, so I’m taking a quick brain break. I’ve been working solid since 7:30 a.m. today.

Couple random things:

1. Isn’t this a pretty picture? From the end of Asher’s soccer practice the other night.

2. Little hamster girl is so cute. She also is not the world’s most photogenic creature…. she sticks her neck out and it tends to make her head look extra pointy and odd. HA. But I swear, she’s such a cute little nugget!

3. We went and saw the Super Mario Bros. movie last night! A mid-week cinema outing was fun. The boys went to a Milwaukee Brewers game with school all day yesterday, so they were supposed to be back late- around 5:45. (Meaning we had already decided they’d be missing soccer/ swim, which both started at 5.) However, with the new pitch clock thing, apparently the game ended earlier than expected and they were back by 4 p.m.

But after the hour+ long bus ride home, they seemed tired and as we weren’t “planning” on sports practices last night, I said, Well, just skip them! They rarely do this. So we went to a movie instead! I’d heard mixed reviews on it but it was about what you’d expect- typical “good guys vs bad guys” plot. Ivan and I enjoyed the trip down Nintendo Memory lane! I loooooooved playing Mario Bros. when I was a kid!!!!

so many fun characters and things from the games make an appearance 🙂

4. Quote I liked from James Clear’s newsletter today:

“Just because improvements aren’t visible doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. You’re not going to see the number change each time you step on the scale. You’re not going to finish a chapter each time you sit down to write. Early wins come easy. Lasting wins require a lifestyle.”

5. Current favorite snack…

I bought a container of mixed nuts (without peanuts) last week and have been enjoying serving myself a little bowl of them plus sprinkling some chocolate chips in! Love the sweet and salty combo. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for an upcoming long weekend! Although, I keep thinking it’s Friday today, even though it’s only Thursday and I work tomorrow. I think maybe because the boys are off tomorrow, so this IS their “Friday”…

10 thoughts on “A 5 minute post”

  1. Is that hamster going to get any bigger or is it a mini one? I ask because I seem to remember hamsters being bigger when I was a kid; maybe it is just relative size?!

    I am also grateful for the long weekend and can’t wait to get it started. I actually am doing a half day tomorrow and I took Tuesday off too so I could have one extra day (and less traffic driving home) and I am ready!


    1. She is a “mini”! She’s a Chinese Dwarf hamster, and she’s about a year old now, so this is her full size. This breed is tiny! More similar in size to a mouse, actually, though probably a tad larger than a standard mouse.

      We previously had Winter White Dwarf hamsters which are also small, but larger than she is and a little chubbier and fuzzier. The ones you are thinking of are Syrian hamsters, or “teddy bear hamsters” which are quite large actually! We like the cute little pocket sized hammies over here. 🙂


  2. Oh, the hamster is so cute. Does she like to be held/petted?
    And what a beautiful sunset!
    I am also looking forward to the long weekend – and today is my Friday. Yay!


    1. Yes, she’s very calm!! When we take her out she usually just kind of sits there. haha. Not squirmy at all. I think she is actually rather nervous by nature, so I think she often just kind of tries to sit real still in hopes that nothing is about to eat her. hahaha! But she’s a total sweetheart. She just lets us hold her and pet her and we can literally kiss her little tiny nose and she mostly just blinks back at us in response, like, oh hi there. 😉 She’s so cute!! Never nips or bites, either.


  3. Oh, I’m super interested in the baseball game pitch clock thing. I remember reading that before the season started, a lot of venues were worried that the shorter games would mean people would buy fewer souvenirs and concessions. I wonder if this has come to fruition!


    1. I’ve been to one game with the pitch clock and it was great to finally be able to know how long the game is going to be (basically). I remember staying up way past my bedtime in the past when a 7:15 game went until 11 pm! I don’t know about concessions, but I would think (1) people who want to drink a lot will find a way to make it happen (2) they used to cut them off in the 7th inning and I think they extended that…


  4. Ooh, the pitch clock sounds interesting. I HATE baseball games generally because of how slow they move and how long they are. I met a former colleague for HH this week as she was downtown for the Twins game and I was surprised she was able to meet as early as she was.

    I also played a lot of Mario Bros when I was growing up. We had an atari which you were likely too young to play since Nintendo was on the scene by the time you were in elementary. My oldest brother was 10 years older than me so we had one of those until Nintendo classic was released. My fave was Mario Bros 3. Last year when I went to the pumpkin event at the zoo w/ Paul, they had different themes and one was mario bros. They had the music playing in the background which made it extra nostalgic for me!


  5. Ooh, I love hamsters! Actually, I love all rodents (we have two guinea pigs now.)
    I’m too old to have played Mario as a kid, but my son LOVES all Mario games!
    As a matter of fact I think he’s in his room right now playing Mario Kart (he’s 20 and home from college for the summer.) I don’t think he’s interested in the Mario movie- but he would have loved it when he was younger.


  6. I love the quote you shared! I tend to get hung up on the end goal and then get discouraged. I have to remember that progress-however small- is still progress!


  7. i like trail mix made by Sofia. It’s always different and so fun to make. My favorite nuts are almonds and pistachios. The little hamster is so cute!!!


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