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I feel like my recent posts have been more “topic” based, and after a few of those I start itching to blab to you all about completely random, probably unimportant and uninteresting tidbits about my life. 😁

So, what have we been up to?

Well, I’m currently sitting outside of Asher’s swim practice in my parked car, with the windows down. It is HOT out!! I just got back from a ~35 minute walk, and this is our weather at the moment:

82 degrees! Feels toasty, and it was VERY toasty this past weekend.

Pic from my walk:

I feel like we’ve been doing SO much running around with the boys right now. That’s partly why I decided to just wait here today. I already drove Ethan to work at 4, then drove home, and then shortly after drove Asher here to swim practice by 5. I was not in the mood to drive home again, and then drive MORE to come back for him. (Ivan is already planning to get Ethan at 7.)

On top of that, there have been some of the usual extra May things. Last week Asher had a band concert Monday night, and this past Sunday we had the boys’ Athletics Banquet at school.

The graduating 8th graders all got called up and recognized for each sport.

Both boys had various soccer games this weekend, too. Ethan and Ivan went to the game 2 hours away on Saturday, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I stayed home with Asher and handled volleyball + a home soccer game for him.

Sunday Ethan was supposed to have another soccer game at the same (very) far away field, but we opted to skip it so he could go to the Athletics Banquet. I was not sad about it.

Here’s Asher playing on Sunday- he had two home games this weekend….yesssss……

Ethan also had his first tennis lesson Sunday in a long time! He wants to start playing more again to see if he wants to do tennis next spring in high school. So far he is leaning toward yes. This makes it complicated/ confusing to know if he should sign up for club soccer tryouts then, or not. (Tryouts are coming up in June for the whole next year; the 2022-2023 season is wrapping up and ending in a couple weeks.) He’ll do high school soccer in the fall, so club soccer would be for spring. But apparently they don’t really let you do a high school sport (e.g. tennis) at the same time as another club sport (e.g. soccer…. (They practice daily for high school, I guess, so time-wise it doesn’t really work to do multiple sports, and they want the kids committed to being there.) But that seems sad after so many years of club soccer to have to stop. However, I also don’t want him to not do tennis in high school- because I’m sure that would be a fun experience, too, and it’s nice to do different things. Anyway, I don’t know. Too confusing and I don’t really understand how the high school stuff all works yet….

I had a work lunch out yesterday to celebrate Nurse’s Week, which was a couple weeks ago now. Our manager took the nurses from our department out for a nice lunch and it was fun. The hospital sent gifts:

We got these HUGE water jugs! On the opposite side it says our hospital’s name and the word NURSE:

How nice. I think this jug is actually going to be pretty awesome for helping me to get water in!! I like the big straw.

A couple things I’ve cooked:

On Sunday Ivan had a soccer game of his own (early), so I made this egg dish for when he got home. Scrambled eggs, pinto beans and some zucchini simmered in salsa verde, served with corn tortillas.

I made a lot, because this particular dish is so easy to store in a container in the fridge and reheat during the week.

Today I threw some chicken breasts in the crockpot along with some tomato, onion, jalapenos and seasoning. At the end I tossed in a can of garbanzo beans and am planning to scoop it over salad greens for dinner. (Or could eat with a tortilla, but, aiming for more veggies….) This was SO easy and it’s a great quick option. I should remember to make this more often.

Okay, practice is done… I see wet people emerging from the high school. 😉 Enjoy your Tuesday evening!!!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for this new water cup! Nice of the hospital to give us a little gift that is actually useful. 😉

6 thoughts on “What we’re up to”

  1. I remember my Mom telling my Dad that I was not allowed to do more than two sports because it was so much back and forth (we lived about 45 mins from town) to all of the practices and games and meets etc. I thought she was mean at the time, but now I see how it can get overwhelming, especially when you have more than one kid! I was so happy (as I am sure my Mom was too) when I started driving and could take myself to all of the practices and then I could do three sports per year! But definitely that would not work if they overlapped. Our ski team practice was like your swim practice; it was at 6 in the morning every day (and we lived 45 mins away!)


  2. That water jug looks like my Stanley mug! I love mine and it has helped me drink more water. I like that I don’t have to fill it up as often as the previous turvis water glass I was using.

    Like Kyria, we were also limited to one after school activity at a time since I was 1 of 5 and both parents worked. Once I was in HS we could do more things since I could drive myself. But we had very limited activity options in my small town so it wasn’t a big deal. Hopefully Asher figures out what he wants to do!


  3. That water jug looks nice. I only have bottles, but maybe should invest in a cup with a straw? 🙂

    Looks like some yummy dinners that you cooked up there. Now I am hungry.


  4. i have a big yeti and i keep it at home for warm drinks, it keeps it warm for a long time!!! how nice that the hospital gifted that, I don’t recall getting any gift from work.
    i guess by high school the kid is “supposed” to be focused in one sport? with all that training and academic, it would be too time consuming doing two? i guess you could do private lessons for a while and decide later?


  5. Oof. Both my kids are heavily involved in band (well, my son is in college now, but my daughter is very into the school band events.) Sometimes I complain about the busy schedule, but then my friends with kids in sports
    tell me about THEIR busy schedules and it sounds insane! Sometimes I wish my kids were athletic, but at other times I’m secretly glad I don’t have to deal with it. Will your son be doing band in high school? I think it’s hard to do band and a sport. Anyway, good luck with it all!


  6. What a nice mug! Very considerate! I hope Ethan is happy with his decision. I teach HS and we have tennis- it’s a great sport. I have students who are very much into it 🙂


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