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It’s the weekend/ work + workout update

Yay for the weekend!

Work Report

I had a good week, but it felt a bit on the intense side. Mostly due to work- I’ve continued training our new employee. She’s amazing and it’s going really well, but it’s still just SO much constant interaction. Fortunately, I think the “worst” is behind us. She is already becoming more independent, which allows me a little breathing room to just do my own work or at least not be joined to her at the hip!

Her role is not the same as my role- I’m a transplant nurse (RN Kidney Transplant Data Analyst, specifically, now), and she has a more administrative/non-nurse/regulatory Data Coordinator role. But our old data coordinator left already, so….. I was the lucky chosen one to orient her. I warned her that in some cases it might be a bit of the blind leading the blind, because I’m not exactly super experienced myself with some of the more nuanced stuff she will need to do! But we’re figuring it out. And I’m actually learning a lot in the process too. Definitely deepening my understanding of some areas that I’m not normally involved with.

I had a meeting with my boss yesterday and not to toot my own horn, but she basically raved about my work lately, my leadership in the department and just piled on the praise. It felt nice to be appreciated! Also, (humble brag continuing), my trainee said yesterday that this has been the smoothest orientation and that I was the best trainer she’s ever had in a job! So, I was pretty happy to hear all of that.

Workout Update

I’m also happy to report that I’m crushing it in the gym!!! Week 2 of “back to the gym” is almost complete, and I’ve been hitting 5/5 of my strength workouts. Having a specific, dedicated time pre-selected for my workouts seems to be helping a lot. It’s already becoming a nice habit- drop boys at bus, drive straight to gym.

Borrowing this from Sarah who posted her own weekly workout recap (not boring to me at all, Sarah!)…. Here is my week of workouts so far:

  • S- Legs and Abs #1
  • M- Rest day (parents were in town Sunday –> Monday, so my day was jam packed after they left. No time for a workout. I just rearranged my days, though, so it’s all good.)
  • T- Chest/ Shoulders/Triceps + 30 minutes of a 645 Beachbody cardio workout
  • W- Back and Biceps
  • Th- Legs and Abs #2
  • F- 20 minutes elliptical (moderate cardio)
  • S- (upcoming, today)- Full Body strength + 20 minutes cardio

I also started aiming for 10,000 steps again (i.e. making sure my Fitbit is actually charged and on my wrist, too….). With this work training stuff, I feel like I have been sitting SO MUCH. I didn’t start tracking this until Wednesday, but so far, Wednesday- Friday I did hit my 10,000 steps.

I was hoping that I could fit in a short stretching/ yoga/ recovery type video maybe once a week, too (thinking on my rest day), but I didn’t do that this week. Maybe next week!

Here’s a couple pictures of my (beautiful!) walk last night while Asher was at swim practice:

Getting dark earlier and earlier….

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that Ethan is still liking his job! Got his first paycheck yesterday- $225!! woo-hoo!! Dinner’s on him tonight. 😉 haha. just kidding….

6 thoughts on “It’s the weekend/ work + workout update”

  1. Your photos from that walk look lovely; it’s great to fit in those slices of physical activity in and around all the commitments in your day. It’s easy to just sit down and pick up a device. So gold star for moving and enjoying the beauty of nature.

    And congrats on all the positive feedback at work. It really does feel good to have hard work recognized and I’m so glad you’ve gotten lots of that this week. It helps counterbalance the stress and exhaustion of the intensity of your training role lately!


  2. congrats on the work performance, isn’t it great to hear recognition??? it’s always nice when they are not asked for and unexpected.
    and great workout week, consistency is key and i’m glad you are enjoying it.
    beautiful walking pics. i haven’t walked much recently but I plan to do once we move to a new city, that’s the best way to explore a new place.


  3. What a lovely place you have to walk around! The light was simply glorious – I’m grateful you shared those photos with us.

    Nicely done with the workouts! You’re killing it!


  4. I’m glad you got great feedback! That doesn’t always happens but it feels so good when it does, especially in this intense period! My sister had a similar role to yours before she had a baby. She worked at a liver transplant clinic. She still does PT work for them but I don’t really understand what she does. But she likely doesn’t know what I do either! But the transplant stuff is fascinating!

    I had a good week of workouts, too! I was proud of myself for working out both mornings at the hotel. One workout could be done in my room so that was extra easy to fit in. I tried a LIIFT4 workouts last weekend and liked it so am going to hopefully do 2 this week including one today during Will’s nap.

    A first paycheck – how exciting!!


  5. Woohoo – praise at work is always appreciated and should be given freely and often 🙂 Great to hear things are going well with your trainee!

    And way to go on the exercise! Sounds like you’re settling into a new routine!


  6. I like all of this – way to go on the training and the positive feedback (so nice when it is unexpected!), and on nailing the workouts. Routines and schedules can be awesome. 🙂


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