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A phone-less morning and (I had fun at the wedding)

This is going to be a weird post for me, because it’s going to include exactly zero photos.

The reason for that is because I left my phone in my sister-in-law’s car last night, so, I do not actually have my phone…which is where my pictures are. (She drove us to/from the local wedding we went to last night, because, you know, open bar + wedding cocktail hour started at like 4:30 p.m…. long night.)

But what a weird feeling!!! I woke up this morning and before I even got out of bed, I had about 13 urges to “check my phone”, only to realize that, oops, I can’t. I found myself wondering if I had any messages, or notifications, and how was I supposed to lay in bed and groggily scroll through Facebook and see if I had any new blog posts from anyone in my inbox??

HA! It’s an interesting experience. I find it a little alarming actually, how “out of sorts” I feel if I don’t have access to my phone….

We’ll have to run over and pick it up at some point this morning, but maybe I’ll try to just enjoy a couple hours of being completely unplugged first. (Except for my email, but I’m planning to close my laptop when I’m done with this post. 🙂 )

In other news, I actually had a lot of fun at the wedding!! Despite knowing exactly one other person besides the bride and groom (and barely, we spent maybe 10 minutes total talking to the other guy Ivan knows from work), we had a really nice time. I say this “surprisingly”, because I’ll admit I had a kind of bad attitude going into it!! As I said yesterday, I was not in the mood, initially.

But it was a lovely wedding, simple and tasteful. The couple was adorable, the speeches were touching….

The food was great, the cupcakes were divine, and the MUSIC was on point, IMO.

The whole first half was a) 90’s country!! (think Shania Twain, Faith Hill/Tim McGraw, etc.) and b) 90’s pop!! yesssss……..! Ivan is not a country fan at all but he was a very good sport while we danced anyway. I think he liked hearing me sing “you’re still the one I run to… the one that I belong to….. you’re still the one I want, for life…..” loudly in his ear. 😆(from Shania Twain’s You’re Still the One– this was the “couple’s dance” song, where they invite all the married couples up to dance. We had to tap out at the 15 year mark, but hey, we still beat out a lot of the younger more newlywed couples! I think the winner was a couple married for 52 years.)

It also helped that the wedding was held exactly 3 1/2 minutes from our house. Talk about convenient! It was perfect in that regard. 🙂

Will share a few pics later- got a couple cute ones/ selfies of us dressed up. (When I get my phone back…)

Okay, have a good weekend! Lots to do here. Operation Life Re-set begins…. now. First up, GROCERY LIST.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for avoiding a potentially bad wardrobe malfunction last night. Turns out the dress I had bought (back in June) to wear for the wedding didn’t hide my bra straps as I thought it would. So, as I was getting dressed and ready, I realized the straps totally stuck out in the back, and it looked really stupid!!! No matter what I did, I couldn’t hide them. AND, I do not currently own a strapless bra. It was getting late and we had to leave really soon and I was all flustered…. You can’t be late to a wedding!! Finally I decided to just cut the straps off an old bra that was getting about ready to toss out anyway, and I made myself a makeshift strapless bra. It worked like a charm. PHEW. Thank goodness. I should have done a better trial run of my outfit, I guess…. sometime prior to 30 minutes before the event. 😬

4 thoughts on “A phone-less morning and (I had fun at the wedding)”

  1. we are so dependent on our phone that we could feel lost when without it, but those occasions that we really don’t have it makes us realize that we can actually live without it.
    glad to know that you enjoyed the wedding at the end, and so convenient that is 3 min away from your house, so you can literally just go back if it’s not good.
    have fun with the reset operation! hahaha…


  2. So glad you had fun at the wedding… sometimes going in with zero expectations can turn out to be the best time! 🙂

    I hope you got your phone back, because a) I want to see pictures and b) OMG, I would have been so flustered without my phone, too. LOL


  3. I’m so glad you enjoyed the wedding (I think I might have commented on your original post saying you of all people seem to be able to turn anything into a fun time, so kudos for doing just that)!

    I try not to be dependent on my phone…but I TOTALLY am. And sometimes I really wish I could just throw the darn thing away because it is annoying to know so much time goes into using a tiny little machine that had NO PLACE in my life a decade ago. But it’s…hard to avoid these days. But lately I’ve been using it too much again. Time for a hard reset with phone use on my end!!!

    Looking forward to seeing those pictures.


  4. I am glad you guys ended up having more fun that you expected!

    Pre-covid, I remember forgetting to bring my phone to work a couple of times. I felt so lost without it! It is amazing how reliant we are on those devices!! I forgot my phone when I took Will to swimming yesterday – I was a block away when I realized it. Normally I would turn back but this time I told myself not to because I absolutely did not need it! I do use do not disturb mode during certain parts of the weekend – I like that other iPhone users can see I am not receiving notifications. I feel a stupid amount of pressure to respond to things quickly but if I know they know I’m not seeing their text, I don’t feel the pressure to respond. Leave it to me to put pressure on myself to quickly respond to texts!


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