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Life lately

This past weekend was pretty great. I’ve talked, ad nauseam, about how busy we’ve been lately.

We finally weren’t busy this weekend!!!

Asher left Friday morning to go up north with a few friends, to celebrate his friend’s birthday at their lake house. So, we had a wide open weekend with just Ethan home. This is so rare. And it was so, so lovely.

Some things we did:

Friday night- We took Ethan to see the latest Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder at 7:30. No pics of this, but it was good!

Saturday- I spent much of the day draining and refilling the hot tub. Not a particularly glamorous way to spend my free Saturday morning, but I was actually just grateful to have an open chunk of time to do this. Needed to be done, and it’s a bit of a tedious project. It was a gorgeous day, too, so that helped.

submersible sump pump drains it pretty quickly

Ivan also did a bunch of misc. household chores, including fixing a bunch of loose boards in our wooden fence, replacing some clips on the deck for our patio lights, mounting some new solar lights on our fence posts, cleaning out a garage closet, etc.

Ethan helped a little, too… he cut the grass and cleaned out the van.

We had to run a few errands and stopped at Chipotle for lunch. (Twice in 1 month for me! I had it a couple weeks ago w/ Asher, but Ethan was requesting it now… not that I’ll complain, because I love Chipotle.)

The rest of the afternoon/ evening was pretty lazy and relaxing.

I worked out at home, and spent a long time working on my Italy portion of our trip recaps for the blog. This was very enjoyable. I had a lot of fun sorting through the pictures and recapping what we did. Happy to make progress on this, too, because I desperately want to print my blog posts into another Travel Book. (Last time I used this website and it was so easy! I absolutely love the final product of our New England Trip book.)

We went for a nighttime walk after dark with Ethan, which was really nice. It was a beautiful evening.

When we got back, Ethan wanted ice cream. It was already 10 pm, but we had no plans Sunday, so why not? Ivan stayed home, but Ethan and I drove over to Culver’s and ordered 2 custards. (And some last minute add-on fries, which neither of us needed but both of us wanted.) We sat outside and ate and talked and it was really great.

It’s so strange having just one kid home. Even though I feel like we have plenty of regular opportunities when one kid is away, at practice, at a friend’s, etc., it just feels extra special for some reason when one is AWAY, away, overnight.


In the morning I spent another big chunk of time sipping tea and writing more Rome recaps. Making progress!

Later, Ivan and I went out to buy a propane tank for our NEW FIRE TABLE!! I am very excited about this. I saw one at Menard’s on clearance the day before, and the colors were perfect for our patio, and it was just the right size.

Our set up isn’t right for one of those great big fire tables…. well, I don’t want one up on the deck, and our lower-level concrete patio is mostly eaten up by the hot tub. We have a real bonfire pit out in the back of our yard, but we rarely use it. First, because Ivan hates getting all smelly like smoke. So he never wants to build a fire. Party pooper. Second, it’s just a hassle, lugging wood out of the shed, getting it set up, etc…There are no lights out there, so I usually run an extension cord out to the lights I have in the trees…it’s a whole production.

I have been wishing for a fire table for a few years now. I loved the idea of just being able to push a button, turn it on, sit and read by it for 20 minutes, and then go inside if I want. 🙂

And now I finally have one! Yay! It is not as hot as a real fire, but it puts off a nice amount of heat, if I’m sitting right next to it. Nice and toasty.

Fast forward to evening pictures:

Ok, backing up- so after we set up the fire table and installed the propane tank, I worked out (I’m happy to report I am currently 5 for 5 on my new workout program!) and then showered.

I had to leave by mid-afternoon to meet up at a highway gas station to pick up Asher and friend on their way home from the Up North birthday party sleepover weekend, and then drive to drop them off at CAMP for this whole week!

Busy and fun week for these guys. Lucky boys. 🙂 Weather is perfect this week- hot and sunny.

Ivan had soccer all afternoon, followed by a carne asada (grill out) with his Latino league soccer teammates, which apparently turned into an all evening party. Since I was doing camp drop off, Ethan and I didn’t go. (Also, because I’ve been married to Ivan for 15 years, I knew the “Mexican carne asada after the soccer game” would NOT be a one hour affair. I knew it would go on for hours. And I was right. :))

It was fine- I didn’t know anyone there and I think Ivan just wanted to hang out with his buddies anyway.

Ethan and I instead spent the evening reading by the new fire pit! (See above).

This whole week is pretty unscheduled. I made dinner last night:

Shredded chicken with a tomato, onion, jalapeno, cilantro mix, served with some leftover fresh pinto beans Ivan’s mom made the other day. And tortillas.

Lots of work stuff happening, and Ethan has a soccer camp all week from 11- 1 every day.

Otherwise, I am enjoying a little “space”. Makes me wonder what life would be like if every weekend were pretty wide open, to just do whatever we wanted?!? It would be so…..weird!! Knowing me, I’d probably get bored eventually. Ha. But it is interesting to think about.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for our new hamster. She is so cute! Quick story- so last night I went to check on her, and dug around to find her (she buries way down in the bedding). I found her, lying stick still, not moving a muscle, eyes open….DEAD looking! I touched her, repeatedly, and she didn’t move. I BURST into tears and yelled for Ivan, who also agreed she looked…dead!! I was absolutely beside myself… how could she just die?! We just got her! And she’s young! Then I was envisioning having to tell Asher that his new hamster died while he was away….I was too scared and in shock to pick her up, I was so certain she was dead. I ran to get Ethan from outside (arguably the most skilled hamster-handler in the house), and by the time we got back in by her cage, she was moving around, totally fine. OMG. I almost had a legit heart attack. She is totally fine! Must just….sleep very soundly, with her eyes open?!! What the heck?!

pic of Asher and Summer, before he left town

4 thoughts on “Life lately”

  1. OMG, so glad the hamster was ok! I guess she has perfected her ability to play dead! Unlearn that trick, lady!

    Your weekend sounded really nice! A good mix of productivity and quality time. The culvers run sounded fun! I wonder when/if Paul will actually like ice cream? He doesn’t eat but has recently started to eat cake so maybe that will change? We’ll see. I don’t know how you couldn’t like ice cream. I wish I didn’t!!

    We are entering a stretch of quiet weekends, too, after a very busy month of July. I am looking forward to doing what we want to do. We will still fill our weekends since keeping the boys busy makes everyone happier! But I am glad I don’t have any late nights ahead of me. And we have our trip to my parents in the 3rd week of the month to look forward to. That’s always a nice break from us as we just hang out at their lake home and enjoy having some extra help with the boys. Paul is finally into the water so I think we’ll spend a lot of time at the lake. Will doesn’t like the water anymore, though, but maybe we can get him more into it… we’ll see.


  2. I’m so glad you’ve settled in to a bit a rhythm. That fire-table looks awesome.
    I continue to feel 100% off-kilter in my world and it is driving me crazy. Things just feel very nebulous and unstructured (some renovation work that was supposed to get done last week still isn’t done), we have a string of overnight company (2 weeks worth! and that stresses me out at the best of time), some weird work tasks that I have no motivation to complete, and I’m just really wishing summer was over while feeling guilty I feel that way. Sigh.


  3. I feel when one kid is away, I am more focused on the other kid and would spend more time with her to “compensate” for being alone? I love it every time for some reason. 10pm ice cream trip? that’s so awesome.
    the fire pit looks so cozy. a really nice evening vibe.
    I like weekends with plenty of free space but things will change soon once we move… will be eager to explore the new city.


  4. I love the idea of a fire table… and you found a great solution for our space. Might have to look into something like that. Aren’t there table top fire pits too?

    You scared me for a second with your hamster story… my heart can’t handle it. LOL but since it was your gratitude section, I knew it had to turn out well 😉


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