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Random check in

Hey blog world. This has not been my “most favoritest week” ever (I know that’s grammatically incorrect, I just felt like saying it that way).

All’s good, just feeling edgy and kinda stressed out, but, c’est la vie. Some times are like that.

The kids are staying up TOO LATE (has been pushing 10:30 the last couple nights). This royally screws up my night, but for some reason, this keeps happening. I don’t know. We went in the hot tub a couple nights this week and Asher joined in, which made everything drift later…. I don’t actually have a good explanation, though.

I suppose I could just lock myself in my room and go to bed, leaving “the boys” all up to deal with getting to bed. But I have a hard time really settling in until they are settled in. The idea is supposed to be that they crawl into bed early, read for a bit, then lights out by no later than 9:30-10ish. Then I like to have my lights out no later than 10:30.

In practice though, this is not happening. Again, not really sure why. I guess we just aren’t doing a fantastic job of enforcing it. All I know is that I’ve been getting to bed TOO LATE, too often, and this screws up my morning….and then my day…. So, yeah. Crabby about that. And need to figure that out/ fix that. (It’s hard though- they haven’t needed to be up super early in the morning, so sometimes it honestly seems like they just aren’t really tired yet at bedtime? A teen thing? I dunno.)


Yesterday Asher skipped swim practice due to a conflict with an evening volleyball class he’s taking, so he swam some laps in the afternoon instead at the gym. I went along and sat and deleted emails on my laptop. After, we got pretzels with cheese in the gym’s, um, bar. (It’s always kinda funny to say our gym has a bar in it. I mean, it’s mostly a restaurant. But also a bar. 🙂 )

crazy chlorine hair

This morning Ethan and I ran to the library quick. We hadn’t been there in a long time. It was great to just browse. He got a new stack, and I snagged a couple books too. I have a big list of “to read” books, but of course, I ended up just plucking some from the Buzz Books section. One is a light, fiction Spanish novel. (A goal for this year was to read a few books in Spanish, so I figured why not start now? Year is already half gone….)

And a random quote I ran across and liked:

Living out of shape is harder than working out.”

Amen to that.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the strength and conditioning class the boys are taking (through the public school district summer school program). Both are really liking it so far; it’s Monday- Thursday mornings for an hour and gets them some great exercise (and nice intro to strength training in the high school weight room). Both have friends in it too, so it’s extra fun.

7 thoughts on “Random check in”

  1. I totally sometimes just turn the light off, telling the family I’m going to sleep and let them be. protecting my sleep benefits everybody hahahaha…. but I guess that’s the summer vibe, more relaxed in all front. hope you catch up with your sleep and feel better soon.


  2. My 12 year old yesterday tearfully told me “everyone” is allowed to stay up later than her (9:30 on school nights) 🙃 I have definitely transitioned to going to bed before my older kids many nights!!! It will just get later, and with nothing to wake up for, I get it!


  3. I just posted about how I felt unsettled/restless this week, too. Sorry to hear it has been a bit of a roller coaster.
    I didn’t mention it yet (I’m going to do a demerit and gold star post soon), but one of the key issues on my end is staying up too late. I’ve been watching a documentary series after the kids go to bed and that has hooked me in such that I’ve been up until almost 11:30 every night for the last week (some of this is also due to the time change of coming back to Canada where I “lost” an hour due to time zone shifts from our US vacation).
    I know I should go to sleep earlier, but it’s kinda fun to be “hooked” on a show because I generally don’t care about TV that much. But then I’m tired. Thankfully the documentary is almost over…but at my age, shouldn’t I have better self-control!!!

    Onward and upward. Hope you have a fabulous weekend, my friend!


  4. We are being kind of loose with bedtime lately too, and I need to nip it in the bud. Last night my kiddo was up until MIDNIGHT, for no reason! I much prefer to be asleep by 10:00 or 10:30 so I am tirrrrrred today!


  5. Not getting enough sleep always makes weeks extra hard. This has been a bad week for sleep for us as Will is going through a recession, probably prompted by moving into a new room at school but who knows. Then last night I could not fall asleep even though I was very tired! I tossed and turned until after midnight so am majorly dragging today. If only I could take a nap!

    I hope you can figure out bedtime, though. I have no suggestions but it does seem like you are entering the stay up later/wake up later stage of life, especially if they don’t have to be up early! I’m thinking back to when I was a kid and I think my parents really had no idea when I went to bed many nights. My room was in the basement and while I probably had a bedtime during the school year, I don’t think I did in the summer, although my mom would make sure we were up at a certain time to work on our chore list in the summer. I remember her calling over and over and over until we were up and working on things! I was their 5th kid so maybe by the time I was a tween/teen they were in autopilot with bedtimes and such??!?


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