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May-hem coming to an end….

Someone referred to the month of May as “May-hem” in a comment recently, and I LOVED that!!! Truer words have never been spoken.

The mayhem of May kind of snuck up on me. Things kept getting added to the calendar, slowly, in such a way that I didn’t fully realize what we were dealing with.

The good news- we are almost done!! School gets out this Thursday. (Abnormally early for us this year due to district construction. We usually aren’t out until ~2nd week of June or so.)

The bulk of it all is behind us now.

And most of the events have been very nice. I don’t like to “complain” about all of this stuff, because these events are supposed to be fun! And they have been, really. As we all know though, they can still add up to a LOT.

For purposes of memory keeping/ reality checking, here is a list of what we did in the past 7 days, between us all:

  • School band concert
  • 3 soccer practices
  • 4 volleyball practices
  • 4 swim practices (I drove to 2)
  • 1 piano lesson
  • A Milwaukee Brewer’s baseball game
  • a school bike trip
  • 4 volleyball games
  • a piano recital
  • 3 soccer games
  • a friend’s graduation party
  • a school Athletic Banquet

Asher had to skip a swim meet, and Ethan skipped tennis yesterday. Because, see above. 🙂

We also presumably ate some food and slept, at some point. Ha. And worked.

I squeezed in 3 gym sessions (I did miss my 4th one…). I walked several times, and did a yoga video (+ the 21 Day Fix 10 minute abs) on Friday. (I’m not doing 21 DF, but I kinda love those quick core circuits!! Nice as an add on.)

Reading was low this week. I wonder why.

AND- as you may have noticed- I carved out a little morning time to work on some trip recaps!!! Yay!! These bring me joy to write, and to look back on. 🙂

Ivan and I soaked in the hot tub last night before bed and that was much needed. (By the way, he is getting BRACES put on his teeth today!!! 😬😬Eek. How……fun? Not. One of those things that is really nice, when it’s over. He never had them as a kid in Mexico, so, here’s his chance. 😉 )

Volleyball is over, and most of the “end of season” concerts/ recitals/ events have wrapped up. I think I can start to exhale a little.

Although, as I was discussing with a mom friend yesterday, it’s never really over. We just sort of move on to the next “phase”. Which will be, things like: Summer swim meets. Driving kids to summer activities. Hosting friend summer get-togethers. Getting ready for camp. 4th of July festivities. Whatever/ etc. Then, before we know it, it will be time to start prepping for back to school!!! And soon after, time to start Christmas shopping. Ha. “The circle of life”, I guess? 🙂

A few weekend pics:

Piano recital
(virgin) margarita Friday night!! E had a VB game on the other side of town at 7 pm, and we hadn’t eaten yet…, on our way home we stopped for, what else- NACHOS. He tried a marg and was a big, big fan. Uh-oh, what did we start. lol.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a bit lighter calendar this week. Love my kids, love their stuff, but love a little more white space, too, sometimes. 🙂

7 thoughts on “May-hem coming to an end….”

  1. I do not know how you’re getting through this. If I had that much on my calendar, combined with my job, I’d be losing my tiny mind!


    1. Haha, I know, right?! I guess though when you have kids, it kind of comes on slowly…babies don’t have extracurriculars. Then slowly things get added in as they get I’m like the frog in the boiling water, I guess. Ha.


  2. Wow! Lots of things, but they do all seem suited to your family!
    You’re so right – out of the frying pan and into the fire. I think that about various parenting stages; you get through one thing (say, nighttime waking) and then it’s right into some other stage! Summer busy tends to be a very enjoyable busy, though, and I can only imagine all the fun things your family with get up to over the next few months! Looking forward to reading along 🙂


  3. seems a lot to deal it. but I agree that we go through phases which is actually nice, focusing different things at the different time in a thematic way.


  4. Oof that is a lot! I imagine you have some slower weeks ahead when the boys don’t have camps and such. But you are probably in that stage of life where everyone has a lot going on. I remember those years from when I was growing up. My parents were so glad when another kid got their license and they had another driver! But that is still a ways off for you. But maybe you’ll get a little break when Ethan gets his license and you feel comfortable letting him drive to things.

    We aren’t in this busy stage of life yet but it’s coming for us. We’ve had the opposite problem – we can’t do much/go places because of covid. Since Paul is still negative/healthy, we’ve let him go to a park but that’s it. It’s been mostly nice since Will tested positive on Saturday but today it’s been raining so we can get out for walks and he got up at 5am so it’s feeling like the longest. day. ever. We will be THRILLED to take him back to school on June 1st. But that’s still a week away. Sob.

    I remember being allowed to get a virgin daquiri when I was a kid. I loved them!!!


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