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On to a new day

I had a rather stressful day yesterday. No need to elaborate, but it was just mentally taxing for me, and I have a lingering dull headache right now as a result.

There were some good things, though.

1- The weather was spectacular. It cooled down and the sky was a brilliant blue all day.

2- I did a quick grocery run. This didn’t fit in over the weekend, but that’s okay. The store is crazy on the weekend, anyway. I’ve actually hit up the grocery store the last 3 Mondays, I think, first thing after I drop the boys at the bus. As long as I’m not doing a huge shop, I can grab a bunch of things in 20 minutes or so and be on my way.

fridge shot.

There were good prices on berries! We eat a lot of berries, but they are definitely not in season all year here. I got blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

3- I had tuna for lunch. I chopped up tomato, onion, jalapeno and cilantro and mixed it all together. This is one of my favorite ways to eat tuna. It’s even better if you add avocado and some lime, but I forgot the avocado until I was about to dig in, and by then I was too lazy to get one out.

4- I skipped my gym workout. (gasp) It’s okay, I’ll make it up today. (I have been taking Wednesdays as my “off” day from the gym, but I’ll just shift it this week and go Tuesday through Friday instead.) I just wasn’t feeling it (see above/ stressful day) and opted to go for another walk instead. I had already walked with Ivan early, but went for another one in the late afternoon/evening by myself.

I enjoy watching duck couples.

5- Asher had a band concert last night. After 2 years with no in- person concerts, it was great to watch the kids play. He is a percussionist. They sounded nice! (okay, as nice as middle school bands ever sound.)

6- I had the boys make dinner last night. Ethan had soccer at 5:30, and then Asher had his concert, so we needed a very quick, easy dinner. I had ground turkey thawed for tacos. Ethan was in charge of making the taco meat, Asher was in charge of (a very simple…) bagged, seasoned rice. NOT complicated, but, still. I didn’t have to do it. I went for my other walk during this time.

7- I played the piano last night after the band concert. I haven’t actually sat and played in quite a while. You know I’m feeling tense when you start to hear piano music…. 🙂 It might be my #1 stress reliever. I think I played for a full hour. All the old favorites came out….Phantom of the Opera, classics, even the Aladdin soundtrack. 😉

8- The boys asked to go for a quick walk before bed. It was almost 9 already, but I said sure. We just did a short loop around the block, but it was nice to connect with them. The sky was pretty too.

9- I saw this online and liked it. No need to sit and dwell on negativity!

Thought of the Day:

May grace meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my Fitbit. It’s super old now, but, it still tells the time and tracks my steps just fine. Just has a little crack on the screen. 😉 Did you know that if you wear a Fitbit while playing the piano, you will rack up about a zillion “steps”? haha.

5 thoughts on “On to a new day”

  1. Ha! You don’t have to sit on it — I love that! Your nature photos are gorgeous. What spectacular weather. And I love that the kids made dinner! Good for them!


  2. Also LOVE the cactus quote. How funny (and true); I’ve never heard that one before.
    The last few days here have been very…”meh.” A series of things went wrong that aren’t a big deal on their own but strung together #FeelLikeAVeryBigDeal.
    I was getting discouraged because I’ve done so much mental work over the years to build up my grit and then I realized it doesn’t make the issue go away, but it helps me rebound faster. I am more resilient, but things still can be frustrating.
    That shift in mindset and self-talk helped me get up and do something about one of the more pressing/annoying issues. And it’s now 90% solved. I feel about 100X lighter than I did this morning. But, sigh, life can be so exhausting sometimes!


  3. Sorry to hear you had a rough day! I’m glad you had a chance to take several walks. Those are always so good for me! I went for a short walk with Paul yesterday to see if he had the stamina to be out and about. I was thinking/hoping he could go back to school today but then had more lower GI issues in the late afternoon/evening. This GI bug is sooo bad! So I have been stressed about him being sick because he’s so tiny and doesn’t have much ‘reserves’. And he’s transitioning to a new classroom this week so I am bummed he’s missing a couple of days of that. It will be fine, but it’s nice to ease into a new environment. Hopefully he can go back tomorrow.

    I love that cactus quote! I hadn’t heard of it either!

    Glad the kids could finally have a band concert!


  4. I love that you are still seeing the positive side despite of being stressful. skipping gym/cooking is totally reasonable when our minds are stressed out. be gentle to ourself is often needed in those days, I’m glad you did so. it turns out to be a lovely day overall, right? 🙂 Monday tends to be stressful for me too, and I mentally prepare for it now.


  5. Aww, I remember my first comment on your blog was about your son playing the piano… I think I have the same one (back home at my parents’ house) – a Yamaha! So cool you got to play for stress-relief!


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