Alive and well!

Hey all! Sorry to disappear from the blog without warning!

Ivan and I took a little “adults only” getaway to Isla Mujeres, Mexico (the island off the coast of Cancun) for 5 nights.

This fall/holiday season/ past 2 YEARS has just felt crazy, and as we were leading up to Christmas, I suddenly declared one evening, in a moment of pre-holiday stress: “I need to get away.”

Ivan was game, we booked a place and a few weeks later we were off.

And it was EVERYTHING I hoped for!!! More details to come. I want to share all about this beautiful place. It was our first time there and it was amazing. We hadn’t taken a “sans kids” vacay since I think 2017?? (LOVE traveling with the boys, of course, but sometimes a little adult only time is warranted, too. So peaceful and relaxing and restorative.)

I also need to catch up on my gratitude challenge!! More to come on that, too. (I had intended to pop in on my phone and at least complete the gratitude prompts….but then, I didn’t. 🙂 )

We are home safe and sound as of last night, after getting negative covid tests Monday afternoon done in Mexico.

For now- here’s a sneak peek! That blue water gets me every time. How can it be so aqua blue?!?

4 thoughts on “Alive and well!”

  1. I was going to email you today if I didn’t see a post from you! Yay for some couples time! Gah – those pictures!! A couples trip is something I dream about. We haven’t gone away as a couple since our babymoon in Oct 2017. I was thinking/hoping that by next December, we can go somewhere. I was hoping for this spring, but I kind doubt Will is going to wean soon and until that happens, it’s not worth going away. But if he hasn’t weaned by next December, I will go on a trip to force that to happen. Ha! I’d love to go to a resort in Mexico like you did. It’s nice to just go somewhere and relax!

    I’m going to try to soak up the warmth and sun from those photos on this horribly cold day. Our high tomorrow is 1. 1 freaking degree. And surely it will feel like -20 or something because of the wind. Womp womp.


  2. Yay! I am so happy for you both. It looks beautiful and it does feel so, so restorative to get away. Aren’t last-minute vacations fun in their own way, too? I love planning and thinking about it in advance, but a few times we’ve done last-minute trips and it has just added to the fun of it all.
    I’ve only done one sunny destination trip – March 2019 – and it was…incredible. We went to the Dominican Republic and stayed at a little resort that basically was just one loonnnggg stretch of beachfront. We could walk something like 5 km and only cross in front of one other tiny resort. It was amazing.
    Not happening this year, but maybe…just maybe…next year?
    I agree with Lisa; I’m living vicariously through your pictures because it has been -20 Celcius with the windchill this week, after snow and rain so everything is literally one giant sheet of ice where we live.


  3. I’m glad that i follow you in instagram otherwise I would have worried for your “disappearance”. I love Isla de Mujeres too, I went there for a friend’s wedding in 2015 and have great memories. Adult only trip is soooooooooo amazing!!! I miss that so much. Hubby and I had only one before the pandemic (Cambodia) and was determined to have once a year. Will definitely resume it after the pandemic.
    how did the boy manage without you two for 5 nights??? my girls will go nuts.


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