Little life update/ home improvements

Our world has been extra full lately with some misc. home improvement projects going on. Here’s a little sampling:


I’ve mentioned an ongoing garage project, which involved having it fully drywalled and new electric/lights installed. It’s a long story, but a fairly straightforward project ended up turning into somewhat of a disaster. I’m very grateful to my Dad for coming to the rescue to help “fix” it.

We then had to pick and buy paint and have the whole thing painted.

Now we are trying to figure out shelving/ storage options and other final details. I think we are going to install some of those wood slat things, where you can clip hooks, baskets, shelving, etc. in and move them around as needed. But we’ll need some other storage pieces too.

We’re also having a new “concrete coating” flooring done on the 29th. I am EXCITED for that!!! Our current concrete looks terrible.

I am SO SICK of parking our cars outside (not great in fall/ cooler weather when the windshield frosts up on you in the morning!). And I’m tired of having ALL of our garage crap piled up in our basement storage room!! Can’t wait for this to all be done and over with.

The concrete coating choice we are going with. “Slate Stone”


Earlier this summer we ended up ordering Ethan a new bedroom set. It took a while to arrive, but finally did. (Still sitting in boxes in the garage right now..). We ended up realizing that he really needs new carpet in his room.

So, it seemed to make sense to deal with the carpet at the same time, since we’ll need to remove his old dressers anyway. (That’s another piece of the pie, trying sell the old dressers, to make room for the new….1 is gone, 1 to go….).

And then, since when doing home projects, it always seems to turn into a case of “when you give a mouse a cookie”….we realized that, in fact, all 3 of our upstairs bedrooms really need new carpet (and, trim).

And if we are paying the carpet guys to do Ethan’s room, we might as well do all the bedrooms at once.

Which then made Asher realize that he was tired of the green paint in his room/ zoo animal theme. He wanted a more “teen” style room, which does make sense. He’s almost 12!

So back to the paint store…fortunately, Asher had some pretty solid ideas of what he wanted (light grey with a darker accent wall), so that part wasn’t too difficult. We spent much of the weekend moving stuff out, prepping to paint, painting, figuring out a new configuration for his room, etc.

The carpet comes on the 27th! My Dad got the new trim up in Ethan’s room last week and will do the trim in Asher’s room this weekend.

Here’s his old room:

And here’s a sneak peak of the new one (in progress):

We’re waiting to reassemble his bed until after the carpet install, and obviously still need the new trim, carpet, wall stuff, bedding, curtains, etc. But, he loves the initial product!! He thinks he wants to do bright “abstract art” prints on the walls (he is really into art/ drawing so this seems like a good fit). He also already picked out a geometric shaped bedding set, in blacks and greys.

It makes me a bit sad to see the green go! 😦 The new room will look super cool I think. But still. They are getting too grown up.

Both boys wanted to help paint

The boys had a little “sleepover” in Ethan’s also-disassembled room while the paint dried:

Sleepover with the hamsters. Had to move Asher’s out also while we painted.

Ethan is keeping his blue stripes, but we need to come up with new wall ideas for his room too. His current pirate theme definitely needs to go also. 😦

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my extremely handy and talented Dad!! We are NOT so handy over here (yet! I’m sure we could learn to be more handy….). 😉 But in the meantime, I’m grateful for my Dad always helping out with things that we, um, don’t know how to do.

2 thoughts on “Little life update/ home improvements”

  1. Yay for handy dads! My dad is an electrician so he has helped us with some electrical projects over the years. Phil’s cousin is a handyman so he has done A LOT of projects at the 2 homes we’ve owned. He is coming over on Friday for a full day of work. We of course pay him since this is what he does for a living, but it’s really nice to personally know a handyman that we can trust.

    We are in the process of getting Paul’s bedroom set up. So far the mattress is on the floor. We are still trying to decide what kind of bed frame we want to get him. I am selling his crib today and can’t wait to get that out of the house. We don’t need to paint his room but I do want to put up new artwork – I will probably order some dino prints from Etsy and then move his animal book prints into Will’s room (which has absolutely nothing on the walls). I am so terrible about decorating our boys’ rooms but they spend so little time in there! And really our room is not super well decorated, either. We have some prints on the walls but that’s kind of about it. I LOVE the stripes in Ethan’s room, though! Glad he is keeping them!!


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