Busy Friday!

I have a busy day today. Usually my Fridays tend to be “lighter” in everything (both personal and work related).

But today is full of a bunch of randomness!

Just glanced over my schedule:

07:00-08:15 “Pastries on the Playground” at school (donuts and coffee/milk outside before school)

08:30 Lady showing up to pick up Ethan’s old dresser

11:00-1:00 Fireplace repair guy coming to install a new pilot light in our living room fireplace

4:00 Garage Flooring consult to look into coating our concrete

~6:30-9:00 Drive swim carpool/ wait for swim practice

Then, of course, WORK WORK WORK in between all of that. I was on the phone quite a while yesterday reviewing stuff with the new employee. (She is doing SO great though! I’m thrilled. But still just a lot of interacting/ explaining has to happen. 🙂 )

My email is also overflowing. Haven’t done a “weekly review” in a couple weeks, and my inbox/planning systems are showing it. Better make some time for that, too!

I didn’t get to bed super early last night either, so I didn’t wake up particularly early this morning….Not really looking like a workout is going to fit in here. And I have a just a touch of a headache right now. Based on my 05:45 a.m. image in the mirror, I should definitely probably go shower now before the Pastries on the Playground thing with a bunch of other parents. haha.

The book I was reading on introversion had a whole section about the power of occasional “personal retreats” for introverts. The idea of going away for just a couple days, by yourself, to just do whatever you want, ALONE. To “recharge your batteries”. I’ve never done that. But some days, ahhhh….that sounds really nice. ☺

Looking forward to a pretty low key weekend! Only one soccer game on Sunday. I think we are going to try to paint Asher’s bedroom. All the bedrooms are getting new carpet at the end of the month, and Asher wants to change his wall color! Busier weekends are coming up, so we’re going to try to knock that out this weekend, I hope.

A couple pretty trees on my way out of the park yesterday morning. One golden, one red.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for good conversations! Had coffee/tea with a newer friend yesterday morning and really enjoyed some adult conversation. 🙂

P.S. HAPPY OCTOBER!!! Officially entered my 3 favorite months of the year. (October-November-December).

1 thought on “Busy Friday!”

  1. I would LOVE to go on a personal retreat. Even just a night in a hotel sounds dreamy right now, mostly because of all the wake-ups that are happening in our house. I’ve talked about doing a girl trip with some friends but if that does not happen, I might need to do a little solo trip somewhere.

    Training a new person is so much work! And it feels extra fatiguing to do it virtually for some reason? I had to train my coworkers on a new system that i was involved with developing and it exhausted me to train them and then be available for all the questions that came up. I was also pregnant at that time so prone to exhaustion. It was one of the few times i was wishing we were back in the office together!


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