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“The Three R’s” lesson + misc. life

My Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff desk calendar taught a good lesson this week, spread out over the last few days. Thought I’d share it here for your benefit, too. 🙂

It said (in summary):

To become a less reactive, happier person, remember the three R’s:

1- Responsive

Act appropriately to the actual issue at hand, NOT driven by habitual, knee-jerk reactions.

Maintain perspective and choose the best course of action, given the unique situation

Factor in the given variables into the equation, don’t just do things “how you usually do”

2- Receptive

Means being open to ideas and suggestions

It’s the OPPOSITE of being close-minded and stubborn

Have a “beginner’s mind” (i.e. a willingness to learn and willingness to receive new data, ideas, etc.)

3- Reasonable

The ability to see things fairly, without self-serving justification clouding our vision

Be able to see your own contribution to a problem

Willingness to listen and learn from other points of view

Includes the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others- see the bigger picture, maintain perspective. (*I especially like this one!)

I thought this was a great little lesson. A great reminder of things to keep working on.

Other Misc.

In other misc., I took a wonderful walk yesterday morning. I’ve been just loving these 20 minute morning walks (usually with a podcast on, though sometimes I just soak in the day).

I’ve mentioned before, I usually go right before the boys wake up and start getting ready. It’s the perfect transition from the quiet time I spend in my office first thing, drinking my tea/ planning my day/ email checking/ blogging/ and/or working…

I feel refreshed and happy to greet the boys when I’m back and can enjoy talking with them during breakfast.

I felt like the morning was especially beautiful yesterday:

Asher also had another cross country meet yesterday. I had to pick him up from school a little early to make it out to the park! It was a hot day- 80 degrees at race time- but he ran a Personal Best time! I think cross country wraps up by the 2nd week of October, and I am sensing that he will be very SAD and miss it.

A pretty course at a county park!

He again wanted to stay after his race finished to watch the girls’ race take off. He and another boy ran all around the course to yell encouragement at the girl teammates at different locations as they went by. 🙂 It was really very cute! Love the supportive feel on this team.

Thought of the Day:

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. – Suzy Kassem

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for farm fields. What a BEAUTIFUL drive through rural Wisconsin we enjoyed out to this park! So close to home, yet roads I’d never traveled before.

cornfields for miles. This is NOT a good picture, but I snapped it blindly out the window! (on an empty road)

4 thoughts on ““The Three R’s” lesson + misc. life”

  1. Way to go, Asher! Especially on such a warm day!! Imagine what he can do in cooler temps!

    I feel like there is something special about Cross Country teams. They seem to be so supportive and positive! I did not have that as an option when I was in HS but my boys will so hopefully they are interested in XC! We’ll see where their interests lie!

    The 3 r’s is a good reminder. My biggest area of opportunity is ‘receptiveness.’ Admittedly I am NOT very open minded and can get pretty stuck in my ways!


  2. i love morning walks too. lately i’m getting up a bit later than usual (5:20am instead of 4:30am), so I don’t have time to walk alone before the girls wake up (6am). I miss quiet morning when the sun is still down to get out, well…. will get back to it when the timing works again.

    Good job Asher! he’s getting so much stronger each day!


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