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Non-fall fun weekend :)

Happy Monday! My desk calendar also informs me that today is the “Queen’s Birthday” celebration holiday in Western Australia, so, happy birthday to the Queen, if you happen to live in Western Australia. 🙂

How was your weekend? Mine was good. I do find that despite “looking forward” to the weekend/ no work/ etc… sometimes I feel like I actually kind of prefer the workweek in some ways?

And then I wonder what that says about me??

Ha. It’s not that I don’t like time off, or time with my family. I think I just don’t always handle the lack of structure and routine on the “free days” as well. Our weekends are busy, too, in this stage of life. We have a lot going on around the house. Everyone is home on the weekends, with different ideas of what we should do/ what they want to do.

I don’t know! Sometimes I end up at the end of the weekend feeling sort of like, “Whoa. What just happened.” Haha.

But overall this weekend was a good one!

A few highlights:

  • Ethan had 2 soccer games- local on Saturday afternoon, farther away (~ 1.5 hours) on Sunday. I took him to the Sunday game and my mom came along! So that was really nice.
  • Saturday was a bunch of cleaning out stuff around the house. Ivan took 3 big boxes to Goodwill. YES! Feels so good.
  • Movie + pizza night on Saturday night
  • Ethan worked on a science project about cells for school.
  • Stayed up until after 10:30 last night watching the end of the Packer game! Amazing finish with a field goal to win in the last 37 seconds.
  • The fall decorating I had hoped to do did not happen. 😦 Oh well. I’ll fit it in another time soon.
  • (Side note: I feel like everyone I know was out doing “fun fall things” this weekend, except me. I saw people attending college football games, apple picking, decorating, hiking….(on facebook, of course!) I didn’t actually really feel like doing any of that stuff this weekend anyway (I personally prefer to wait until it cools down/leaves change colors more to really enjoy “fall”), but that’s beside the point. 😆 #fomo. If you also didn’t do any “fun fall things” this weekend, let me know in the comments so I can feel better about it. 😉)
soccer game on the fancy high school field on Saturday
post game on Sunday
the parts of a cell
hamster love ❤

Thought of the Day (an oldie but a goodie):

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful the drive to Ethan’s game was an easy, relaxing one. A bit far, but pretty, scenic and low traffic.

3 thoughts on “Non-fall fun weekend :)”

  1. Well we say TGIM in this house if that makes you feel better? We find weekends to be very draining. Young kids are a lot of work and 3.5 has been particularly challenging. Saturday was especially challenging as Paul was difficult during our post-lunch walk to the library (to get books FOR HIM) and when we left the park in the afternoon. So both outings were basically FOR him and yet he was difficult. I know their brains are still developing and this behavior is normal, but it’s also exhausting for the parents! My work week is sooooo much easier than my weekends. I have more control over my schedule, I can focus on things, etc. So I hear you on that, but for a completely different reason!

    We did not do any ‘fall fun’ this weekend and I don’t see us doing any of it this fall… My friend took her boys to an apple orchard and while that looks fun in theory, I know the reality won’t be great since Paul doesn’t even like apples (crazy, right??). Will would be the easier of the 2 as I could put him in the carrier and he’s be happy. Maybe next year we can go to a pumpkin patch. When I see people doing fun fall things, I have to remind myself that just because it’s a priority for others or something others like to do, doesn’t mean I need to do it. Sometimes I want to be the mom that is doing these fun seasonal things but in this stage of life it feels like it would make things more tiring, not more fun! When the boys are like 5 and 8 I think I will feel differently. Hopefully??

    I sound super negative in this comment! Eeks! We all are in different stages of battling a nasty cold virus, though, so that is adding to my exhaustion right now!


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