A post bad day good list

Well, sorry about that extremely negative brain dump post yesterday. I felt a tiny bit embarrassed to share all of that, in part because maybe it was exposing some inner insecurities and weaknesses in a public setting. 🙂 And also because it sort of felt like whining over “silly” problems.

I generally think that stewing over negativity is pretty unproductive (even though I definitely still do it), but sometimes it does help to kind of air it all out, and then move on.

I had a better day overall yesterday, thank goodness. Work was still really busy between meetings and training the new employee. But the evening was more low key.

A GOOD LIST (from yesterday)

🔷 One of the meetings we had was actually very PRODUCTIVE. Some lately have felt….tedious. This was a good and I think worthwhile one.

🔷I got my walk in yesterday morning. And because I slept terribly Tuesday night (went to bed at ~10:45, woke up at 2:55 a.m. and never fell back to sleep…), I swapped out my workout for a 20 minute relaxing yoga flow before bed last night.

🔷Our lawnmower broke down, but we have these great neighbors that are just the nicest people ever. Like the super relaxed type, where if you ever need to borrow anything, they just say, “Oh yeah, go ahead! Here’s the garage code, go on in and help yourself!” if they aren’t home. So they let Ivan use their riding mower last night to cut the grass while we figure out getting a new one.

🔷 I’m seeing some strong effort from the boys at school so far this year. Especially Ethan with his writing/language arts assignments. I’m impressed/ surprised that he is actually bringing them home to work on them (instead of just finishing up in study hall quickly)….like I’ve said before, that’s not his favorite subject, and I’m SO HAPPY to see him not just handing in “whatever” quality work. He’s been bringing the writing assignments home, working hard on them, asking for help if needed/reviewing them. So that’s a really good thing!

🔷 Tonight is Asher’s first real cross country meet. Excited to see how he likes it! It’s at a golf course in another town at 6 tonight.

Asher helping with the grass 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the loaner lawn mower! Will have to make sure to pay it forward somehow. 🙂

3 thoughts on “A post bad day good list”

  1. I think it is actually helpful to share the bad days and insecurities we have. It makes us even more relatable to others in my opinion! I certainly have my bad days – and my insecurities! I try to share them when I can because I don’t want people to think I’ve got life figured out and that it’s a breeze. There are so many struggles – some I can share publicly, some aren’t mine to share. But when I have a chance to say – ‘this is hard’ – I do so in case someone else needs to see that. The challenge of course is balancing it. You can’t focus too much on that or you because this pit of negativity. I don’t feel like that will ever be the case for you since you are such a positive person and are so good at focusing on gratitude!

    Yay for helpful and generous neighbors! That is so nice! We are slowly getting to know people on our block. It has taken awhile since we moved in Nov of 2019 and then the pandemic hit. But I’m gradually getting to know others, especially the moms!


  2. glad you had a better day or better perspective of what happened! I love good meetings and drag into unproductive ones. 🙂
    so proud of Ethan for putting the effort to make good work instead of just finishing it. do you know what made him to change attitude?


  3. I’m so glad to hear that your terrible, no good, very bad day turned around a bit. Whew. I hate those days that just feel, well, Mondayish. Sharing both shows that all of us go through these dratted roller coasters of weeks. I always want every day to be The Best! but that’s just not how life works. Thank you for reminding me of that!


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