Day 14: Scranton, PA to Dayton, OH

Another day on the road!!

On Friday we drove another 8 hours, approximately. I can’t even remember what time we hit the road… not super early or anything. Probably was around 8:30-9:00 I think.

It was a mostly uneventful day. Gas stations, bathroom stops… a Subway for lunch. (Where Ethan ended up forgetting a library book on the windowsill, and we had to go back. Fortunately we were just up the street at a gas station when I thought to double check he had his book!!)

I read the entire book, cover to cover, of The Lazy Genius Way. (It felt like an exceptionally quick read- written in an easy going, conversational style, so it moved fast.)

I liked it! My general takeaway was that it wasn’t really earth shattering, but had some good reminders and some new points, too. I may go back through it at home and jot down some notes. I do not currently follow any of Kendra’s work, but have heard a lot about her.

We also hit lots of traffic in some spots! I will say, from a purely “driving/traffic” standpoint, I prefer road trips WEST (from Wisconsin). Once you get out into those wide open plains, or even the mountains, there just generally are not as many big cities and traffic. Wayyyy more traffic overall anywhere near the east coast…

Finally made it to our destination, Dayton, Ohio. We planned to break up the trip with a day at the National Air Force Museum on Saturday (which is in Dayton), before driving the rest of the way home on Sunday.

Our hotel for Friday and Saturday nights

Ivan found a local restaurant right near the hotel, so after unpacking, that’s where we went for dinner. We ended up lingering for a quite a long time. The boys got impatient and a little antsy…

Cute place

We shared some nachos that were pretty good! Not like an A+ rating probably, but a solid A- I would say. Added points for the plethora of fresh jalapeños.

We planned to hit up the pool and hot tub, but it was later than we hoped by the time we got back. The hot tub was going to close soon and I didn’t really feel like getting all changed and wet for just a few minutes.

Ended the night just lounging in the room/watching some TV/ etc.

Daily gratitude: I am grateful for GPS on our phones and unlimited data! I can’t even remember how people did road trips before GPS.

1 thought on “Day 14: Scranton, PA to Dayton, OH”

  1. I have been meaning to read The Lazy Genius book. I’m interested in her cooking/kitchen book coming out next year, too. I started listening to her podcast this summer and really enjoy her concepts/thinking! Glad the book was a fast, enjoyable read! That’s the kind of content you need for a vacation where you are picking it up and only reading snippets at a times!


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