Did/ Did Not List

This was the first weekend in a long time that we had a pretty wide open/ empty weekend. (Well, after Asher’s Regional swim meet on Friday night, anyway.)

I was almost giddy with excitement at the idea of just having large spans of time with NO plans again. Next weekend is Asher’s State for swimming, from Friday- Sunday out of town (staying at my parent’s house). The following weekend Asher leaves for camp, and then the next Saturday we leave for vacation already!!

I feel like I have a list a mile long of things to do before then. Road trips, especially national park type trips, seem to require a good amount of “stuff” along. So packing always feels like a bit of a chore. I’m also trying to finalize any research/planning about things we want to see and do while on our trip.

Here’s my weekend in list format.


  • VOLUNTEERED for the first time at a swim meet since February 2020. (Also, first time being inside and really watching a meet, too.)
  • Stayed up super late every night. (Bucks game (WIN!) Saturday/trip planning and reading until too late…)
  • Sat outside on deck both Saturday and Sunday (Saturday= reading, Sunday= talking with Ivan.) After sleeping in Sunday and then mostly just lounging around/ sitting on the deck until too late, I suddenly exclaimed, “Oh my gosh. I have totally wasted this whole morning! I have a ton of stuff I should have gotten done.” To which Ivan replied, “You’re sitting on the deck. Isn’t this why people have decks? To sit on them on the weekends???” True, and good point.
  • Cleaned the kitchen while Ivan played soccer on Saturday and kids were outside (enjoyed a quiet house + music)
  • Got a TON of details figured out for our out East trip! (Though spent way too long…worked on this both Saturday and Sunday. Honestly, it was a bit overwhelming at first, as there is so much stuff to see and do out there!! I didn’t know a lot about some areas and it just took me a while to sort it all out. I have a better handle on it now, though. Feeling better and more prepared now.)
  • Puttered around in the yard, watered flowers, weeded some flower beds.

Did Not:

  • exercise (except for a Saturday afternoon bike ride with Asher while Ethan at friend’s house)
  • blog
  • walk (even though it was gorgeous out!)
  • listen to any podcasts
  • journal
  • clean out my closet, like I said I would
  • cook much besides very simple things like some over easy eggs/ toast and some quesadillas
  • add the bananas to some “banana nut muffins” that I made. Oops. After I bit in, I thought, “hmm, these don’t taste very “banana-y” for some reason, and they are a bit dry”….as my gaze fell on the bananas, still sitting on the counter. So much for using up my old bananas. (face palm)
  • Take any pictures after this one Friday night! (rare for me 😉 )
I snapped this pic right after a disappointing swim where he just missed a state cut he was after by 0.08 seconds. Sad face. (cute freckles, though.) But then, 2 races later, he got one in a different event that he was ALSO going for- so then he was ALL smiles! Swimming can be quite the emotional rollercoaster! lol. I wish I’d gotten his huge smile on film so I could have put them side by side. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a friend who sent me a bunch of tips about Acadia National Park! It has helped to guide my planning for that portion of the trip. 🙂 (I love sharing my own trip advice/experience with others, too, so maybe it was good karma coming around and smiling on me. haha.)

3 thoughts on “Did/ Did Not List”

  1. I also love Ivan’s deck wisdom. It’s good to have mornings like that! It can be easy to think of them as ‘wasted’. But another bit of wisdom I like is that we are “human beings” not “human doings” – we all need time to just “be”! Now that we have deck furniture, I try to go out there to read when I’ve wrapped up on work day on the days Phil does drop off/pick up. It’s nice and shaded in the afternoon so a great place to read. We also spent hours out there on Sat night when a friend came over for dinner. I’m so glad we finally have a patio set!!

    We had a really nice weekend, too, and I feel like Paul is getting out of his more difficult stage. We spent lots of time outside since it was nice out and not TOO hot/humid. Swimming lessons was the low of the week as he made no progress, even though he was the only student in class this week so it was basically like a private lesson – but his teacher was on vacation so we had a sub which didn’t help. But besides that frustrating experience, it was a nice weekend. We went to a little wading pool in our neighborhood after nap yesterday and both boys loved it. Paul was pretty tentative but at least he got in the water and splashed around a bit. Will LOVED it. He was so happy once he got used to the cold water. He was kicking and splashing – so maybe he will be our little fish!


  2. So funny the bananas muffin without banana. hahah.. your mind must have been somewhere else while making it. I stopped having to make muffins/pancakes now that Sofia is super enthusiastic in baking so she does them all.
    Ivan is right, spending time in deck sounds relaxing and perfect for weekends, no need to feel bad “wasting time” 🙂


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