Exciting Weekend Social Events

The boys are both extremely excited for TODAY. They both have long-awaited social events coming up.

Ethan has his sleepover birthday party tonight!

His 3 best friends are coming over around 1:30 this afternoon and will be staying until basically whenever the parents want them home tomorrow.

The plan is to go to our gym’s outdoor pool/ waterpark for the afternoon, then come back to our house by early evening.

Ethan has requested more hamburgers for dinner (even though we just had them on 4th of July!). I’m sure they’ll play outside, play video games, hang out until late and maybe we’ll put a bonfire on for some s’mores.

It is not possible that this guy is turning THIRTEEN on Monday. (More thoughts on this later. O.M.G. Please, please, can someone slow down the time dial.)

Asher is heading up north for the night to stay over night at our old neighbor’s house!! They live ~2 hours away or so now, so we are going to meet halfway to hand him off.

He is literally over the moon excited for this. Last night he wanted to “get to bed early so he wouldn’t be tired this weekend”. Very good thinking! 🙂

They’ve stayed in pretty frequent contact since she moved away, mostly via video games and facetiming, but they’ve gotten together a few times. I’m pretty sure they will pick RIGHT back up where they left off the last time they saw each other.

They live out in the country now, with goats and chickens, lots of land and just a bunch of fun stuff to do. The mom said they might all sleep out in a camper on their property, too. So fun!!

I told him we should probably leave by around 9:00 and he said, Well, maybe we should make it 8:45, just in case there is traffic. 🙂 He’s just so excited to go!! Haha.

I’m happy this is working out. He talks all the time about how he wishes she hadn’t moved away.

Ethan is sad to be missing out, but he also liked the idea of having his birthday party while his little brother was AWAY. They generally have always gotten along well, but lately they’ve entered some newer territory of wanting a bit more separation from each other, especially when friends are involved. It makes me kind of sad! I suppose it’s probably normal though….

Thought of the Day:

My joy is nonnegotiable.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for all 3 of Ethan’s best friends being available on the same night. Seriously, coordinating schedules with other families can be near impossible sometimes, so this felt kind of miraculous.

6 thoughts on “Exciting Weekend Social Events”

  1. It sounds like a wonderful weekend for them both! And meeting halfway is exactly what my parents used to do when we’d spend the night with friends who lived ~an hour away. I’m glad they’re both looking forward to their (independent) activities. And just think how much they’ll have to tell each other when they’re both home again. 🙂

    You are a rock star for hosting a sleepover for three kids (+ your own!). I hope that there is *some* sleep but I also hope that there is a ton of fun. (Maybe plan a nap for tomorrow? :>)


    1. I wasn’t even up that late, but they were!! I still felt exhausted yesterday for some reason. Both boys had a total blast at their respective outings. 🙂 Makes me happy to see them living it up!!


  2. What a fun weekend for the boys, both of them! I actually had a friend, from out of state, surprise me this weekend for my birthday which is on Tuesday. She flew here and coordinated with my mom to surprise me at our local coffee shop. It was such an amazing surprise and I felt so blessed to spend time with her this weekend. It of course was exhausting because I haven’t seen friend in almost 2 yrs due to covid and moving to a new state shortly before the pandemic but it was so worth it and I have this whole week off to just relax and enjoy my 31st birthday! Yes, I am celebrating the flipped birthday of your sons and my bday is only a day after his! I remember turning 13 and I had a pool party for mine! It was so fun! ❤


  3. Happy Birthday to Ethan! That sounds like the perfect birthday party! So glad this will be a much more fun birthday compared to last year! And Asher’s time away sounds awesome, too. Love that he was so excited he wanted to go to bed early to be well-rested and leave early to account for potential traffic. Too cute!

    13 seems so far away but I know that the days are long but the years are short! Love the flashback photo of baby Ethan. What a cutie!!


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