A welcome workweek

Oh dear lord. This is my current state:

A little dazed, confused, tired and, kind of physically sore- as if I actually did some very strenuous physical activity this weekend (but I didn’t).


This was probably definitely the “busiest feeling” weekend since like, early 2020 at least, if not before. I swore I wouldn’t fall back into that annoying habit of answering “busy!” when someone asks how I am or how my weekend was, but this time there is just no real way around it. We were busy! It was a fun, great weekend though, so I’m actually not complaining. Just more of a statement of truth.

Things we did:

🔷 Friday night was the pizza night out with Ivan’s mom. It was the perfect “last night out” with her, and we had some good conversation. We didn’t even go until 7:45 p.m. though (I had made a reservation and that was all I could get), so it did get a bit later than I wanted.

🔷 Saturday morning Ethan and I were up and out the door by 7 am sharp to start our “tour of Wisconsin” driving trip for the soccer games. We made a big triangle across the whole southeastern portion of the state, for a total of 5 hours drive time altogether.

Soccer was very fun, but HOT!!!!! It was in the upper 80’s and the kids were absolutely melting. Remember, it was 40-50 degrees here very recently and none of us are really acclimated to 85+ temps quite yet.

Go #5!!

🔷 After soccer game #1, we had a couple hours to kill, so we stopped by my parents’ house to see my sister+fam who are staying there currently. Had some sandwiches, sat on the patio, visited with people and played with the kiddos. It was adorable watching Ethan play with his little cousins. A very nice little pit stop on our drive by!

🔷 Then the tour started up again and we headed another 1.5 hours north for a 3 pm game. Again, HOT. That one ended up being a tough loss, too, so that was extra fun after the long, hot day. ha.

🔷 Got home after 6 pm (after stopping for ice cream) and I was exhausted. Somehow Ethan still had energy to go meet his friend at the park. Blew my mind cuz I didn’t even PLAY and I was so tired. The heat, I think! It’s draining. Spent a little time cleaning up the house and then Ivan’s mom/sister/cousin all stopped over so we could say goodbye to his Mom. They were over until almost 10 pm and I was blinking my eyes to keep them open. Finally said adios and headed to bed!

🔷 On Sunday, back up at 5:30 a.m. for round #2 of soccer games, again another 1.5 hours away!! I was “on” again since Ivan had to take his mom to the airport. Ethan and I headed out by 7 am again, this time in the rain. A good game with a 1-0 win- a nail biter!!

🔷 Asher had gone off to a morning swim meet (had to send him with a friend! “Parent accompaniment” from our house was all out of stock for the day.).

After picking A up from his friend’s house. It was an outdoor meet! Feels like summer…

🔷 When we got home, my sister/family were all waiting at our house for the afternoon. They came bearing food- pulled pork and rolls, and Ivan had prepped some pico de gallo/ chips and had beans waiting before he left with his mom for the airport in Chicago. I made some brownies. We all hung out on the deck, talked, played with the kids, and just had really a wonderful afternoon.

🔷They stayed until around 6:30 and then I immediately changed into my swimsuit and jumped in the hot tub. Didn’t read, just sat there with my eyes closed. AHHHHHH.

It was a very full, very great weekend but definitely not the refreshing and relaxing kind. (Total drive time = 8 hours! There is always some driving involved with state league soccer, but this weekend was definitely an outlier.)

I am honestly looking forward to sitting quietly at my desk today, in an empty house, sipping on a cup of tea and just putting my head down to work. (I have a list a mile long of things I probably needed to do this weekend, and didn’t, but oh well!)

Thought of the Day:

There is no such thing as a “hell maybe”. 😃

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for safe travels all weekend, and also for friends that can help out in a pinch (those who took Asher to the swim meet for us!).

5 thoughts on “A welcome workweek”

  1. Oof, that is a busy weekend with long days and lots of driving. Driving really wears me out and then add in the heat and I can see why you were so exhausted. We had a ‘full’ weekend, too, although nothing like yours! But it was full for our stage of life w/ 2 young kids w/ naps to work around. I was really tired at the end of the day yesterday but commented on how great it was to SEE people again after a lonely year. And it was also super hot and humid here, too, which contributes to feeling extra tired. I did manage to fit a nap in on Sunday as both boys went down at the same time which RARELY happens! So that felt so good.


  2. I know the feeling, happy for doing so much with loved ones but also exhausted by the amount of if. I start missing the quiet alone house. 🙂


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