Weekend whirlwind

Oh man, I feel a bit exhausted! Not exactly the feeling I strive to have at 6 am on a Monday morning, but I guess it’s a good exhaustion. The weekend felt BUSY. As in, pre-pandemic busy feel! I have mixed feelings on this, but I don’t exactly see a way around it, either. A lot of the “busy” was fun, too. Still feels a bit tiring, though- especially coupled with the 85 degree HEAT we are not used to yet!! Mother nature, give us some time to acclimate!!! Haha.

Weekend Highlights- FUN

Let’s start with the fun stuff.

πŸ”· (Fri.)- post-work hot tub with Ivan!

πŸ”· (Fri.)- movie night with Asher (E at friend’s house..). We watched the old one Evan Almighty, with Steve Carrell. Funny!

πŸ”· (Sat.)- took Asher to out of town swim meet! Fun, but included 1 1/2 hour drive, then sitting in cafeteria waiting for him (watching the live stream on my phone) for several hours. Why this is tiring, I do not know- but the swim meets always kind of exhaust me just a little. πŸ™‚ (He did great! Best times in all events this time.) Bonus- his grandparents live in that town, so Grandma came to hang with me and see Asher in between races! He was thrilled about this!

πŸ”· (Sat.)- post swim meet: Dairy Queen lunch w/ A, then skate park/ playground time with my sister and baby nephew!! (Well, he is TWO now, so officially a toddler!). They are in town unexpectedly, so we met up outside to enjoy the beautiful afternoon.

πŸ”· (Sat.)- drove the 1 1/2 hours home and made it by around 7 pm or so…(we had left home at ~9:30 a.m.). I was TIRED. Ate some dinner and then we all just lounged around until bedtime mostly. I watched This is Us x2 with Ivan while the kids just played video games w/ their friends. GOOD but long day!!

πŸ”·(Sun.)- “slept in” until 7, enjoyed some solo time on the deck with my tea. Caught up on my journal, read a little, listened to some birds. Asher eventually took my spot:

πŸ”· (Sun.)- I walked for a full hour outside with a friend during Asher’s swim practice! GORGEOUS day for it.

πŸ”· (Sun.)- Ivan had his first soccer game of the season (after ALL of 2020’s summer season being cancelled!). Somehow, he survived playing the entire game and didn’t die. hahaha. Not bad for a newly 40 year old. πŸ˜‰

πŸ”· (Sun.)- snuck out for a little happy hour with Ivan (drinks + appetizer) in late afternoon and then stopped to return a couple Amazon items AND managed to find a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom! Yay! Check that off the list.

Weekend Highlights- PRODUCTIVITY

πŸ”Ά (Sun.)- drove the swim practice carpool! (Gone from ~10 am until 12:45 total). Not super hard, but takes a bunch of time. It is fun to listen to the kids jabber on in the back seats. πŸ™‚

πŸ”Ά (Sun.)- weekly review/ email clean out! Skipped the previous week and then missed it on Friday, too- so this was a must do.

πŸ”Ά (Sun.)- folded laundry, washed a bunch of towels

πŸ”Ά (Sun.)- supervised chore doing (Asher). He had to clean his room, organize jacket/ shoe closet, clean out the van/ vacuum it. (E did his stuff on Saturday).

πŸ”Ά(Sun.)- added 4 huge buckets of water to the hot tub (was getting low), did a little water maintenance.

πŸ”Ά (Sun.)- weeded my front rock bed (a serious pain in the butt- I have a love/hate relationship with this rock bed) while Asher cleaned the van on the driveway.

πŸ”Ά (Sun.)- squeezed in a 28 min lower body Beachbody workout at 8 pm (after already walking x1 hour and all the weeding!). Then, needed a second shower for the day….

Went to bed feeling exhausted but content! It was a good weekend. Very low on Ethan time for me, though. 😦 Thinking maybe next weekend I’ll let Ivan take Asher to his swim meet so I can stay home with E.

I realized as I crawled into bed last night- I barely looked at social media all weekend, and I read/listened to ZERO news of any kind!! It was actually…..very refreshing! A nice break from all of that. Guess I was too busy actually living my life! πŸ™‚

How was your weekend? Was it a fun one, a busy one, a productive one…?? Or a combo deal, like mine? πŸ™‚

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for turning a knob and having clean (and hot, when desired) water magically appear in my house. This is beyond awesome, but I don’t think we appreciate it enough.

4 thoughts on “Weekend whirlwind”

  1. I am exhausted just reading this. Wow. No kids, so no carpools and related activities. And you still found time for family and relaxation! Well done. Also, the weather was just weird. It’s like it can’t decide whether it’s spring or summer.


    1. Haha, I know! I was actually surprised when I looked back on it- I thought, Dang! I/we did a LOT this weekend!! Haha. πŸ™‚ Agree on the weird weather! Now it’s chilly again today….


  2. Wow! Super full weekend! Ours was good until Saturday afternoon when Phil hurt his back and could no longer pick up either kid… But on Friday night we had a friend over to grill for the first time since pre-covid times! So that was really fun. And Saturday Phil got lots of yard work done – too much, hence the horrible back pain that still has him out of commission. Things went rapidly downhill from there. I got the stomach flu on Sunday night, Paul got it on monday and puked in the car on the way to daycare… I had to keep both boys home because Phil couldn’t drop off Will since he can’t lift him and he had to go into the office so I had no way of getting Will to daycare with Paul being sick. I thought Paul was better on Tues am as he ate a little on Monday night and hadn’t gotten sick since the morning. Nope – wrong. He threw up in the car again on the way to school. He was saying he didn’t feel well on the drive so I had decided to keep him home and just drop off Will, but then he threw up on the way home about 1/2 mile from our house. So basically it’s been a REALLY awful week and I”m so tired. Plus Will is teething I think so has been up more than usual so I’ve been feeding him because my supply totally tanked from having the flu. 😦

    So May is off to a pretty awful start but it can only get better! Phil started some prednisone for his sciatica pain so I am hoping by the weekend he can pick up the kids so we can go back to splitting bedtime… And just having him able to help period would be nice… He’s in so much pain so hasn’t been able to do much.


    1. Oh NO!! Haha!! The stomach flu is the worst!! I was just talking about that the other day with Ethan, how when they were little I swear they got stomach bugs every time we turned around. He was amused by a story of how when he was about 14-15 months old, I rocked him in the glider before bed and let him drink a whole sippy cup of milk… he then finished it, handed it to me, sat up and promptly puked ALL down the front of my shirt. And I was home alone at the time with him…both covered in vomit…oh, good times. It was soooo gross!! lol!! I hope you are all on the mend now. Bummer about Phil’s back, too! Oww. That sounds very painful…


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