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Dark morning! New week.

It’s so dark out this morning!!! 😦

We had Daylight Savings time on Saturday night here in the U.S., as many of you know, so it is now darker later in the morning but light out until later in the evening. I may be in the minority that actually prefers the light in the morning…at least in the spring/summer, I love the early morning light. I don’t really like it when it’s light out so late at night, later in the summer, because it feels so hard to get the kids (and myself) to bed on time.

Yesterday morning (day #1) of Daylight Savings time, Ethan had a 7 am soccer practice. Ugh!! The worst!!! Haha. He was NOT happy about having to get up for it, and I could have done without it too…. He isn’t even a kid who normally sleeps in until late (usually up by ~7:00 even on weekends), but I guess he just doesn’t really like having to be up and out the door so early and then, exercising/ playing soccer while barely awake.

We did get to witness this beautiful sky though:

Looking forward to this week:

-An uneventful week, hopefully!!! I didn’t really get around to doing my normal “weekly review” on Friday, because I had a morning haircut/color appointment. The rest of the day I was playing catch up and worked late. By the end of the day I was exhausted. I mentioned in my previous post how last week kind of burned me out. I’m hoping that this week can just be a little calmer and my work days can be more relaxed/ typical.

-My 1st Covid vaccine tomorrow morning!! Woohoo!! At 8:50 a.m. tomorrow I will be getting my first shot and I’m VERY excited!!!! My employer (hospital) finally worked its way down to the “non-patient contact” employees (me, being a work-from-home Registered Nurse), so I’m finally up! Yay! My parents are now fully vaccinated which I’m also thrilled about.

-EATING BETTER. MOVING MORE. I’ve been feeling kind of “blah” the last week or so, which tends to happen to me anytime I fall off my eating healthy/ workout game. I ended up (unintentionally, just busy) going Wednesday-Saturday without a workout and my eating choices were not fantastic, let’s just say. Feeling the need for a RESET. (again :)) I kicked it off yesterday with a big salad for lunch, an upper body strength workout and a 2 mile run. Up today: Full Body HIIT Week 8 from LIIFT4, the last workout of the program!

Thought of the Day:

Never let your gratitude be dictated by your circumstances.

What a lovely thought. Gratitude. All the time. Every time. Everywhere. 🙂

Have a wonderful Monday!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that I’ll be able to get the vaccine tomorrow! No one had been able to tell us when it would be “our turn”, so I’m grateful that it came up sooner than I even expected.

5 thoughts on “Dark morning! New week.”

  1. Yay for getting your vaccine! I got my first dose last Wednesday and get my 2nd dose on 3/31. I qualified since I am immune compromised! Now I just need Phil to get vaccinated and I will feel really good about our protection against Covid! It will be awhile before he is eligible since he’s such a healthy guy!

    I hate the change to DLS. It is so hard on kids since they are on such a set schedule. Paul did not nap yesterday and had a hard time getting up at 6:30 today. He told me ‘it’s so hard to open my eyes’. I was like – ‘me, too, buddy!’ Yawn. A 7am soccer practice on the first day of DLS is brutal!!


    1. Haha, poor little Paul!! It is definitely hardest on little kids I think. I hear so many people complain about their kids’ sleep schedules getting so thrown off for DAYS!


  2. So exciting about the vaccine! I got my first dose last week — a total fluke because we were about to get a huge snowstorm (I’m in Colorado) and they opened up a drive through clinic to anyone who could get there, regardless of age/conditions. I jumped in my car and drove 45 minutes and got it! I feel a little guilty about it since there are still so many people who need it more than me, but I figured I’d take advantage of the opportunity. We ended up getting close to 2 ft. of snow so I’m glad they got through the doses since the clinics were canceled during the blizzard! My husband gets his first dose tomorrow (he qualified due to health conditions) and it is making us feel hopeful and planning trips for the first time in a year!

    I also hate DLS – we tried to put the kids to bed early on Saturday, but it totally backfired. My 4 year old had gotten my 2 year old out of his crib and they were “having a party” because they weren’t tired. They finally crashed at 9pm and of course were up at 6:30 (formerly 5:30)- soooo tired today!


    1. That’s awesome that you could snag the vaccine!! Hey, no shame in it at all- it’s much better for someone to get it than for them to have to toss them in the trash or something! Glad it worked out. 🙂 That’s so crazy about all that snow!! I saw that on the news. Yikes! 2 ft! I really hope we don’t get any more big snows this year…I’m over it. 🙂

      And I laughed out loud at your kids having a “party”. My boys used to share a room at those ages too, and there was this one time we caught them in there having a full on pillow fight, throwing stuffed animals and little pillows across the room at each other when they were supposed to be sleeping. hahaha!


  3. YAY for vaccines!!! i wish we know when we are getting it.
    prioritizing healthy eating and workout will get you back feeling great again soon! glad to see you are running too.


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