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Glorious day + My 12 Days of Christmas challenge

I had a pretty glorious day yesterday. The snowy weather definitely set the mood for me and I was in full on “cozy mode”. I did get all my work done from my home office with my slippers on :), I DID try out the hot tub while it was snowing (loved it!) and I lounged in bed and watched 2 episodes of The Good Wife with Ivan in the middle of the afternoon. And, Ivan picked up TACOS for lunch. Yes. Some chores got done too, so we weren’t completely lazy, either.

hot tub in snow
birria taco
We had both carnitas tacos + birria tacos – both delicious

Later, the boys and I (more emphasis on the “I”) made a double batch of Mexican Wedding cookies and it was honestly so lovely. Ivan had run out to Menards, so after the boys lost interest in rolling the little balls up, I was alone in the kitchen. I had lit a candle, it was dark out, the garland and twinkle lights were all on and I could see the snow out the kitchen window being lit up by the Christmas lights on our deck. I had a quiet “O Holy Night” station playing on Pandora and I almost felt giddy with just how wonderful that moment felt to me!

cozy scene christmas cookies
making christmas cookies

We finished out the night with a Christmas movie on Netflix (The Princess Switch: Switched Again) which was cute (extremely far fetched, but cute nonetheless + beautiful Christmas scenes and decor).

12 Days of Christmas Challenge

I made up this little “challenge” for these next 12 days of Christmas. Nothing crazy, just a fun way to have some intentional activity each day to look forward to. A few items are from my Holiday Fun List but others are just small, intentional things that feel like they will bring me some joy!

Day 1 (12/13): Read at least 60 minutes

Day 2 (12/14): No social media for 24 hours

Day 3 (12/15): Do a yoga/ stretching routine in the dark with only Christmas lights on!

Day 4 (12/16): Eat family dinner AT THE TABLE (we often end up around the breakfast bar…) with candles lit.

Day 5 (12/17): Go on a walk with the boys after dark in the neighborhood.

Day 6 (12/18): Have a little date night with Ivan (drinks, etc.) at our bar in the basement.

Day 7 (12/19): Get to-go hot chocolate and drive around town to look at Christmas lights + listen to Christmas music.

Day 8 (12/20): Read old kids Christmas books with the boys (T’was the Night Before Christmas, etc.)

Day 9 (12/21): Talk to my sister on the phone.

Day 10 (12/22): Deliver little holiday gifts to a few people I want to drop something off for.

Day 11 (12/23): No social media for 24 hours (yes, again. I want to focus on the season, not my phone, for these next 12 days).

Day 12 (12/24): Go for an extra long walk in the morning.

beautiful morning sky
How beautiful is the sky this morning?????

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for that ~30 minutes alone in the kitchen last night!

3 thoughts on “Glorious day + My 12 Days of Christmas challenge”

  1. So glad you had such a wonderful day. Those cookies are a favorite in our household, too. My mother usually does the honors, and the results are always gone within days. I am envious of your tacos, too – they look wonderful. Makes me think it might need to be taco night soon…


  2. did your boys watch the princess switch? wooo!
    great lists! very cozy things to do in december! can’t believe 2020 is ending…. upon reflection, it has been a great year! 🙂


  3. I need another social media break after Christmas. My time has been horrible between sharing photos on IG, selling stuff on FB, and reading/asking questions on a Snoo (fancy bassinet we bought) parent group. But in jan I think I will take another month off – maybe more. It’s so addicting! Love the challenge you came up with!!


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