Good day, Life

Thank goodness

I feel very grateful right now that I ended up having a really great day yesterday (despite my #mondayfail start).

Some good things:

🔷 I was at a transition point for work (finished one big section of something on Friday, was about to start a new one yesterday). So I decided to take an hour or so and did a bunch of organizational work (for work). I got a bunch of papers filed, folders cleaned out, some spreadsheets updated, files moved around, my Epic inbasket dealt with, etc. FELT GOOD.

🔷 I fit in a 30 minute workout (not the full amount I wanted, but better than nothing) and had a delicious salad for lunch (chicken, arugula, apple, honey roasted almonds, parmesan cheese and salsa verde).

salad for lunch!

🔷After work I made homemade broccoli cheese soup. I was totally in the mood for soup and it was delicious. Everyone gobbled it up. The warm rolls with butter on the side didn’t hurt either. 🙂

Dinner broccoli cheese soup

🔷 I took Asher to the pool after dinner to lap swim. I didn’t join him, but he was in a great, talkative mood and kept asking me to video record his strokes, etc. so it still felt very interactive. Haha.

🔷When we got home he wanted to make up a “swim workout” game for when he meets a friend to swim tonight. (A big grid with different sets listed in each one, and they will roll a dice to see which way they move across the board.) I was impressed with his creativity and the fun idea!!

🔷Oh! Good planner news. I’m feeling MUCH better now about my new planner. I spent some time playing around with it and I *think* it’s going to be really great, actually! I was concerned about the size of the monthly squares, but I think if I just keep it to the basics there and list more details on the weekly spread, it will be just fine.

My new cover arrived yesterday, plus my tabs to label the months. Of course I got it set up right away….It’s this one from Amazon.

Wonderland 222 planner in cover
I’m a big fan of the nice pockets on the front and back- both inside AND outside the cover! I also love the double fabric bookmarks and the elastic strap to keep it closed.
Wonderland 222 planner in cover

(I’m keeping the Notebook separate without a cover. FYI both the planner and the notebook do NOT fit in this cover, in case you have the same set and need a cover!) Now just waiting for my new highlighters and pens to arrive!!!! (I am so cool, I know. Pathetic what my 37 year old self is excited about.)

How’s your week going? I’m hoping the momentum keeps my week going in this positive direction. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for: soup, slippers, my workouts, my new planner cover actually being just right!, a bad morning turned into a good day and also finally having some leads on some people to help me with some website issues I’ve been having.

3 thoughts on “Thank goodness”

  1. I’m right there with you being excited about new pens, journals, highlighters etc. They make me feel a sense of possibility. I think it’s the adult version of back to school shopping?


  2. your food looks soooo yummy! I’m in a cooking rat recently due to busy work but need to get back to be creative at the kitchen. glad to know you are liking your new planner.


  3. Yum! That soup looks so good! And buttery rolls! Sign me up!

    I am glad you are feeling better about your planner. Hopefully you continue to love it as you use it more and more! I think I would need a cover, too, but I don’t know if I would need the accessory notebook. I need to think about that as we approach ordering time for 2022. Since they include the latter months of the year coming to an end, I am thinkingI could order mine in august and use it for Q4.

    Love that Asher came up with a game for their swim workout. Too cool!


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